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Category: Soccer Camps
Neighborhood: Lawrenceville
Nike Vogelsinger Soccer Academy at the Lawrenceville School
Lawrenceville, NJ USA

The Vogelsinger Soccer Academy at the Lawrenceville School has been teaching soccer players and goalkeepers of all ability levels since 1975.

We have designed a program for serious players, those with a strong motivation to be their best! Our objective is to help you reach your highest potential. We start you on the right path, set your dream in motion, fire up your imagination, and leave you empowered to reach those goals.

Our professional staff consists of master teachers whose demonstrations include demanding instruction, step-by-step clarification, and playful joking to bring out the most sensitive technical points for you to grasp and imitate.

Highlights Include

  • Our international, professional coaching staff is selected for their passion for the game and their ability to teach. The ratio of coaches to players in the Academy is 1:8 and in the All-Star programs 1:10.
  • Players receive a complete Nike uniform: All Star (one weekers) get two game jerseys, one pair of socks and shorts. Academy players( two weekers) receive two complete NIKE uniforms (two jerseys, two shorts and two pairs of socks). All players receive a NIKE soccer ball.
  • We have what we consider an important part of the learning experience: self-evaluation at the beginning of the program and oral and written evaluations at the conclusion.
  • Soccerobics, offered each morning at 6:45am, is a system of carefully designed exercises with the ball, incorporating soccer skills with aerobic and physical conditioning.
  • Players are on-the-field training for 43 1/2 hours each week
  • Special goalkeeping training is offered at each site. The Vogelsinger Goalkeeper Academy provides specific and detailed instruction for the new generation of goalkeepers.

Located just four miles south of Princeton and about an hour from New York City and Philadelphia, The Lawrenceville School is a prestigious college preparatory school with first-rate athletic facilities. The tree lined campus and close-knit dormitories provide a secure environment in which to grow and develop as a dedicated soccer player.

Lawrenceville School is not in any way involved in the ownership or management of the Vogelsinger Soccer Academy. 

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