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There's also a tad too many offensive holding calls about the player. In my 19-0 franchise, I got about two per game whilst the AI opponents never stood a single one in 19 games. It's ridiculous to punish a person for something that they can't control, and when the design is the fact that holding percentage increases should the QB supports the ball for over X seconds Madden Mobile Coins is still bullshit. Let the numbers around the stats from the OL and DL crunch to view how long they are often blocked and let me make an effort to scramble or get sacked if I take long, try not to force a punishment because of an real world suggested time limit inside pocket.
It's an inadequate attempt to implement numerous aspects of football into the overall game as possible even if this's not necessary, similar to instant replay. Look, it's not a real game with humans about the field making calls in real time. It's a game, it is possible to program it to learn if that WR got each foot in bounds about the catch or in the event it runner's knee was down MUT 19 Coins before a fumble. In the reputation of these football games, if the action is not super accurate on some play and it also looks like he previously half a foot from bounds and also you challenge it, it is going to still default to its original judgement anyway; there's no human reviewing the play. It's just a waste of energy.

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