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The frustrating part is that you can not pick up and move items as soon as  Excellent service you put them down, you have to delete it and replace it. This will include all those perfectionist and a level of annoyance out there who happen to misplace something and want to move it. However, making a home that is really awesome does help you get enjoys, which I am not sure what that does for you, as no one has seen my house.


Also, experience is gained by you for putting items inside your residence. Else, the housing process is another way to acquire some experience, especially once you would like to take a break from the grind.Classes from the game fall to the typical tropes of RPGs, you have DPS classes, Healer, and the Tank. There are 9 classes, as of right now, with a couple of them filling the roles.


Tank has Berserker three courses, Knight, and Runeblade. Knights shield their allies. Runeblades hone the ability of magic to imbue their blade for damage. For the Healer function, we've got the Priest who makes sure to keep allies. And lastly, DPS is the biggest pool of courses using Archer Heavy Gunner, Wizard, Thief, and Assassin. Damage is dished out by heavy gunners with their vast selection of armaments.


Rain down arrows all across the area from long selection. Wizards  Maple story M Mesos disturb their enemies . Thieves look to poison and burst goals down. Assassins stealthily eliminate all threats within their path. Discussing every class in depth really can be its own article, especially being that each class has it's own debut story along with playstyle. However, this roster assures that there's lots of choices to play .

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