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Category: Serie A

Well I tried to show that picture to  runescape 2018 helpfully get people to answer on the thread and maybe end up making a friend wrestling nicely it ended simply being called "crap".Some Useful Suggestions For MapleStory Kanna ClassHey guys, welcome back to MMOgo, the ideal website for MapleStory 2 mesos, news and guides. Is these changes acceptable and reasonable? How do you enjoy Kanna in sport?


Can you utilize a Kanna today, after these equilibrium changes? I only need to share some of my ideas about Kanna ability:From its orignal concept Kanna is meant to be a bossing mage. Which provided some help to boss fights by means of its obstacles, sakura's falling healing and its own 2 binds. But time has past, the match has developed and Kanna still feels a bit from a char stuck in the past. A reason maybe its scaling became very powerful from Haku's Blessinig.


In many situations where you need recovery the boss is frequently not not near enough to use to heal or in particular bosses its giving damage reflect. Downsides of Sakura Falling now is its high mana cost, higher delay upon utilizing skill and very small hitbox for your party to generate use of this heal.Suggested change: Reduce cooldown, be able to heal while not needing to hit a boss/mob and reduce delay and mana cost. A little more from the style of Raven Storm (Demon Slayer).


With the introduction of attacks from bosses only doing fixed  buy OSRS gold damage or % HP strikes this skill became quickly obsolete. Kanna has no defense against such attacks, where many different classes have HP protection abilities or skills giving iframes, making you able to ignore damage for a brief while. By making this barrier work on % HP strikes as indicated in the post above I believe this ability can once more florish!

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