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Posted on 11/21/2009, 2 comment(s), 736 view(s)

Earn 500 Free Activity points!! For Announcing the Launch of! That's it! You can do it right from your profile with our integrated Twitter Application!


Just Tweet the Following Message: Launched! Soccer players, teams, coaches, agents, fans:

Points gained: 500 points.

Comments (2)
Elite Design Corporation - 5:43 PM 2/9/2010  [ message ]
Hi, you earn points for everything you do on, like inviting friends, or posting comments, uploading a blog or video. If you have a twitter account, simply tweet: Launched! Soccer players, teams, coaches, agents, fans: to your twitter account then send us a link to your twitter account with the posted message and you will earn 500 Bonus Points.
Onyekachi Akanu - 2:29 PM 2/9/2010  [ message ]
How can someone earn points here? Please i will like to know the necessary steps to take.