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Category: enameled wire

Enameled Copper Wire is a major type of winding wire. The lacquered copper wire is generally composed of a copper conductor and an insulating layer. The enamelled copper wire is annealed and softened, and then baked and baked. The quality of enamelled copper wire is not uniform, mainly due to factors such as raw material quality, process parameters, production equipment and environment. However, enamelled copper wire has good mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties and thermal properties.

Polyethylene formaldehyde enameled copper wire

Temperature rating: 105 degrees

Insulation Description: Polyethylene formaldehyde enameled copper wire is insulating layer is composed of Polyvinyl acetal and Phenolic resin. It is one of the first synthetic materials used in the manufacture of enameled wire varnish. It has been widely used in film insulation since its introduction.


(a) PVF has good windability, adhesion, abrasion resistance and solvent resistance.

(b) Compatible with most virgin water or impregnated synthetic materials.

(c) Compatible with transformer oil. Applications: Oil-filled transformers, motors, etc.

Applications: Oil-filled transformers, motors, etc.

Polyester copper Enameled Wire

Temperature rating: 155 degrees

Insulation Description: Polyester enameled copper wire is insulating layer is Polyester resin with a temperature rating of 155 degrees, with good temperature stability and insulation properties.


(a) It has good anti-Crazing properties, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and temperature stability.

(b) Its physical properties such as windability, wear resistance and adhesion are superior to PVF wire types.

Applications: Motors, micro motors, transformers.

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