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There was the aptly named Sound Factory, which had been your typical mega club that catered to mostly the bridge and tunnel crowd. There became a very good probability of bumping in your stereotypical Bobby Bachagaloop, Tony Bagadonuts, as well as their whole entourage from Long Island there. Make inadvertent fixing their gaze with among them, just for the millisecond, plus they were ready to address because you need to be some kind of the "queerah". A glance at one among their girlfriends and in addition they were ready to address Madden Overdrive Coins because you also have to be some kind of the "queerah," that makes no sense in my opinion, but apparently makes perfect sense with a coked-up juicehead from Ronkonkoma.
Of course, there are a lot of underground clubs that had been super exclusive and normally required that you wait online all night just for getting turned away whenever you got towards the door.  Fuck those places. 
Then there were the Culture Club, that was just kitschy stupid fun. This place would be a theme club, essentially playing revamped 80's dance tunes that have been kicked up a notch too as your run with the mill dance and Buy Madden Overdrive Coins electronica. People visited just to enjoy yourself and there is very rarely any problem. Seeing packs of girls using a bachelorette party was common, as were 21st celebrations, and tourists. It was considered one of the few clubs where I felt relatively resistant to juice heads from "Strong Island," deranged psychopaths with dirty hypodermic needles, and Paris Hilton look-a-likes asking me if I had any coke.

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