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The next score around the game wouldn’t come till the last two-minutes within the half, with Marcus Mariota connecting with Jonnu Smith to obtain a touchdown. The Cowboys got the ball with 1:05 remaining from Madden 19 Coins the half, seeking to shorten the deficit. Facing a third-and-thirteen, Michael Gallup rescued the c's with a considerable 50-yard reception. The Boys, however, weren’t capable of capitalize that includes a touchdown, only operating an area goal. Brett Maher would connect here, after missing a FG earlier in the game. Score with the half: 14-10.
The Titans again arrived firing, scoring with Buy Madden 19 Coins regards to first possession on the second half following Cowboys three-and-out. Down 11, Cooper would show his first-round explosiveness, finding a screen 40 yards deep inside the redzone. Elliott, some plays later, would show his savvy developing a spin move whilst notching his second touchdown on the day.

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