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The old adage is always that “defense wins championships.” As discussed a couple weeks ago, that cliché seems more and similar to a vestige from the past with each passing season, because NFL becomes more plus more focused on offense in front of defense.
Titans won’t pick-up Jake Locker’s fifth-year option
In another sign that this new regime in Madden NFL Mobile Coins Tennessee isn't all about quarterback Jake Locker, the Titans are determined not to pick within the fifth-year option on Locker's rookie contract.
If Winston plays well, the case on the crab legs are going to be forgotten
Folks have a tendency to overreact inside the immediate aftermath of brand new information, which can be why it is smart to wait a little while before adopting a preliminary impression as a good-term strategy.
Top 10 NFL draft picks by round over the very last 10 years
To illustrate those examples, as well as Buy Madden NFL Mobile Coins being the best-case scenario for what the very best picks offers, This Given Sunday presents you while using top 10 picks from each round over the past 10 many years of drafting. Each round is going to be revisited over the final 10 years, 1 through 7, to spot which 10 players were the most beneficial from each.
Madden 2015 NFL Trailer released | NFL News, Rumors and Opinions ... Powered by
The first trailer for EA Sports Madden 2015 NFL game may be released.  In the short 30 second clip Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly transforms from himself to a gaming representation of himself. No actual game footage is shown.

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