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It is Week 7 of the NFL season Clayton Fejedelem Jersey , and the fantasy playoffs are inching closer and closer. The first seven weeks probably flew by for those of you dominating your leagues, but some probably can’t wait for it to be over. Don’t be too down, though, upset season is coming, and you can contribute to making your friends and family feeling as bad as you do by knocking them out of playoff contention.NFL Bye Week: Steelers, Seahawks, Raiders and PackersMust startsJoe Mixon (Bengals RB): This isn’t a homer pick. In fact, I usually like to save my Bengals predictions fantasy wise for their fantasy outlook against their opponent that week. However, Mixon has the second-best matchup a running back can have this week as he faces the Chiefs that have allowed 29 points to opposing running backs this season, according to Fantasy Pros.John Brown (Ravens WR): The Ravens receiving production is hard to predict as Brown had 14 targets two weeks ago, and last week he only had two catches. It still feels like he should have a big game, as he is the team’s best deep threat against a Saints defense that has given up the most points to opposing receivers in the NFL.Favorable MatchupsPhillip Lindsay (Broncos RB): Royce Freeman out carried Lindsay for the first time last week, but Lindsay still easily outgained him. It is likely that both will have fantasy relevance against the Cardinals defense that has been the weakest to opposing running backs this season, but the fact Denver is still trying to split this backfield up hurts the ceiling for both players.Jarvis Landry (Browns WR): It has been a weird season for the Browns. They finally got a couple of wins, and Baker Mayfield is starting. However Authentic John Ross Jersey , his receivers have had serious issues with drops. Landry is probably the best option of their crop of receivers facing a Bucs defense that can’t help but get continually torched. Good but not greatKenyan Drake (Dolphins RB): The Dolphins haven’t used Drake too much this season. Well, at east as much as his fantasy owners would like. In PPR leagues he has been fantastic, and that should continue this week against the Lions who have given up 25.9 points a game to opposing running backs. Drake would be higher, but sharing touches with Frank Gore really hurts his overall value.Corey Davis (Titans WR): Davis is the leading receiver for the Titans, and they are going up against the Chargers defense that has given up just over 30 points per game to opposing receivers. I still wouldn’t suggest Davis as anything higher than a second wide receiver this week. I’d feel great about him as a flex though.Temper expectationsAlvin Kamara (Saints RB): Well it was fun having a Kamara led backfield while it lasted. In Mark Ingram’s return from suspension, he rushed the ball 16 times for 53 yards and two touchdowns. Kamara, meanwhile, only got nine total touches. Kamara will still have fantasy relevance, but you could probably sit him against the Ravens this week.DeAndre Hopkins (Texans WR): Hopkins will be facing Jalen Ramsey this week. The Cowboys had a surprising field day against this defense, but I’m leaning towards that being a little bit of a fluke. Hopkins should still be in your lineup, but don’t expect him to carry you to a win this week.Dalvin Cook (Vikings RB): Cook was a limited participant in the Vikings’ practice last week and was inactive against the Cardinals. However, he’s been a full participant this week, which means he should end up playing. He hasn’t inspired much confidence from fantasy owners this season, but he is set to go up against the Jets, who have allowed over 20 points per game to opposing running backs over the last five weeks Youth Joe Mixon Jersey , 11th-most in the NFL. Quarterbacks streamBaker Mayfield (Browns QB): I know the receivers have been letting him down this season, but he has one of the best matchups of any quarterback who is likely available on the waiver wire.Joe Flacco (Ravens QB): The Ravens will be playing the Saints who have been pretty soft against opposing quarterbacks. Flacco may not be as available as Mayfield, but he could be in line for a bigger game.Defense StreamColts defense against Buffalo: Keeping the tradition alive. Odds are someone may have scooped up the Colts defense because on paper they have quite a few matchups in a row against bad offenses, but I’m not as high on playing them week to week given they are the Colts defense.This week though, there aren’t many better options available on the waiver wire.Falcons defense against Giants: The Falcons will be home against the Giants who haven’t looked great this season. The offensive line isn’t protecting Eli Manning at all. The only bright spot is Saquon Barkley is the real deal. Still, the Falcons could get their hands on a few turnovers. Tight end streamC.J. Uzomah (Bengals TE): Uzomah is my only streamer for this week. He is the only guy on the waiver wire who is going to be getting as many targets as Uzomah will the rest of the season. That being said, Uzomah isn’t going to be a great option to play weekly, but given the state of the position, he could be your best option going forward due to volume alone. After a painful loss in Week 6, the lives of the Cincinnati Bengals’ are not getting any easier as they prepare to face the Kansas City Chiefs. Lead by the young and dangerous Patrick Mahomes at quarterback, the AFC West leaders have a high-powered offense, with a strong cast of play-makers and a dangerous pass-rushing unit.Many will write the Bengals off in this game, but with some excellent preparation, they will have a shot. Here are the 5 keys to the Bengals success in this game.1. Score... Score a lotThe Chiefs have perhaps the most prolific offenses in football and have averaged 35.8 points per game this season. The Bengals defense has struggled throughout the season, but even if they play an incredible game , they are going to give up points to the Chiefs. As a result the Bengals absolutely cannot waste opportunities on offense. The Chiefs punted once in Week 6 against the New England Patriots. That was one more punt than the Patriots, and the Chiefs lost 40-43. This game is likely to be a shootout, and the Bengals must score early and often. If the John Ross is able to return from injury, he will give the offense a big boost and open up more opportunities for A.J. Green and Tyler Boyd. 2. Confuse and Contain Patrick MahomesThe conventional way to play an athletic quarterback is to keep him contained. This means rushing only four players and having the edge rushers focus more on contain than pressure.Teams have done a pretty good job of holding the edge against Mahomes, but he’s shown that this may not be the best way to defend against him. Instead of panicking when the pocket is collapsing, Mahomes tends to escape by stepping up in front of the edge rusher, rather than scrambling to one side or the other. Another option is to have one the linebackers spy Mahomes, but this is problematic for two reasons. The first, is that is takes one of the team’s linebackers away from their coverage responsibilities. This is a major problem considering the issues that the Bengals have had covering tight ends and running backs this season. The other problem is the question of who can run with Mahomes. Vontaze Burfict would probably be the best option for this task, but it would certainly be difficult for him as Mahomes has outrun defensive backs this season. One way to both pressure and contain Mahomes would be to send a 6-man blitz and play man across the board. It is risky not only because they would be playing man coverage with no deep help, but also because if one player did not get in their gap Mahomes could run for a huge gain. Obviously they cannot do this every play, but blitzing at the right time and showing a blitz at other times then dropping into zone or Cover 1 the Bengals could confuse Mahomes. This will end up creating turnover opportunities, and it will be up to the defense to capitalize on them.3. Don’t Let Travis Kelce Run FreeSteelers tight end Vance McDonald was a major problem for the Bengals defense in Week 6, now they must figure out how to cover one of the best tight ends in the league in Kelce. The Bengals must play tight coverage on the Pro Bowl pass catcher, because when he has the ball Jessie Bates III Jersey , he’s a fiend for yards after the catch. They must not let him run free down the field, and instead jam him at the line of scrimmage or match up quickly with him. Burfict would be ideal for this task. This would put the Bengals in a bit of a bind because if their best linebacker is focused on the tight end, he won’t be able to help out if the quarterback scrambles. One option would be to have him jam Kelce on the line, then drop into a spy role on Mahomes.4. Prevent Miscellaneous Big PlaysPreventing big plays by the Chiefs’ offense is a herculean task. Mahomes is an extremely talented young quarterback with a wealth of talent around him including Hill, Kelce, Kareem Hunt, and Sammy Watkins. The Bengals will need to be flexible on defense, and adjust properly to the different formations and motions that the Chiefs utilize. They will need to stay on top of deep passes and rally to make tackles on shorter passes and jets sweeps.5. Use the ClockIn Week 6, the Patriots became the first team to defeat the Chiefs in 2018. They were able to prevent big plays and hold the Chiefs to 9 points in the first half, but head coach Bill Belichick knew that an offense that powerful could not be contained for long. He knew that the Patriots needed to outscore them on offense, but also that they needed to limit the Chief’s chances to score. This means controlling the ball. The Patriots failed to prevent big plays in the second half, but were able to beat the Chiefs in time of possession, possessing the ball for 36:09. The Bengals will need give the Chiefs a heavy dose of Joe Mixon running the ball and use all of the play clock on every down, to let their defense rest on the sideline and limit the Chiefs’ opportunities offensively.
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