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Thats why I play pvp I move for battlegrounds such as an hour or two and get off when I feel like it,no wipes,no preparation (unless you feel like it,no more less getting items much im enjoying ). I truly hope blizzard adds guild banks,mount and pet sets in WoW Classic Gold and possibly even some arenas,I mean WoW Classic surelly was the best on par with wotlk and tbc however like I played wotlk for a decade I feel as though these small things are a must.I've been in these hardcore server first guilds. On the 1 hand you have proffesional players by your side who you can depend on and who always know what to do. You also get your equipment faster so you're always more powerful and therefore gearwise.

And most players honored/respect you on the server on the faction as well as on your faction. It's a lot of work if you are an officer/class leader and also have tasks in your guild. You need to always organize your time efficiently and effective. Grinding dungeon over and above for gear/consumables or helping other people to gear up. Being everytime avaible for world bosses. Somewhen everything begins feeling like a job instead of a game and you eliminate fun. Just to be that small percentage quicker and better than other guilds.

Yes, raids are completed faster but the time you save in raids that were quick you need to shell out more in maximizing your personality and farming consumables. I'd rather raid more than grinding and farming all that shit.My fundest memories I've had in WoW Classic once I had been in certain casual guilds (90% of the time that I've been at top guilds tho, somehow I always ended up there, because I've been a very skilled and knowledgeable player). There were no rules to have the gear enchanted and being buffed to the very best with all avaible buffs. Like everybody wanted. If a person wanted to conquer the damage yards, he was free to go and get all that buffs. But none was forced to. And WoW Classic can be enjoyable using MC/full T1 equipment.

In my ingame"freetime" in these casual guilds we would do some RP-Events, like a lvl1 gnome race during the entire Earth, hogger raids, attacking an enemy town or just drinking beer at our favourite pub in Sturmwind. The majority of the players were called"noobs" but WoW Classic was more fun together. Dungeons and raids felt more difficult and hard Buy Gold in WoW Classic. We was able to wipe out a lot in MC due to quite dumb man mistakes, but it was funny and we laughed a lot. We'd talk and laugh the majority of the time in TS in general, because everyone played WoW Classic for fun and was not that severe and mad on eachother (as opposed to hardcore raiders, that can become really mad at you, when you f*ck up and wipe them with that expensive consumable buffs and world buffs).

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