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Although a variety of new shoes and new colors are emerging, the classic OG color matching Air Jordan is still an irreplaceable phenomenon-grade shoe. Following the black and red Air Jordan 6 at the beginning of the year, the next OG color matching re-enactment is the upcoming Black Red Air Jordan 4 Bred. The current sale has entered the countdown, and the official website has also been on the line. Comparing the two official images of the engraving, you can find that the 2019 version of the overall shoe is more upright and fuller than the 2012 version, and the tongue is higher and the gray depth is a little deeper than the 2012 version, except for the logo of the heel and the outsole. . Overall, the 2019 version is more similar to the first year. It is worth mentioning that the 2019 version comes with a Nike Logo tag, which is not available in the 2012 version.

2019 Sneakers Release,John Eliott's eponymous brand, John Elliott & Co., partnered with Nike last year to bring a different minimalist street style to shoe fans. The joint model previously created with Nike LeBron 8 is accompanied by LeBron's trip to China. At the beginning of this year, it was launched in Paris Fashion Week with a new color scheme. Recently, three new pairs of color matching were first exposed, and the shoes were dressed in green cyan, black gray and beige. The upper continues the previous minimalist design with a transparent flap material and high quality leather. The connections at each part are tight and the Swoosh Logo embroidery is excellent. Different color schemes show different temperament on the upper. The green cyan is very bright, and the white midsole is particularly refreshing. It is a pair of shoes that are very suitable for summer.

After the exposure of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in the previous period, there was recently a pair of zebra-colored Yezey Boost 350 V2 that was sensational enough to expose the object. The 2017 white zebra Yeezy Boost 350 V2 was first released, and it has been priced at a price of 10,000, even though it has been sold many times, it is still one of the most popular colors in the Yeezy Boost 350 V2. This year's Yeezy Boost 350 V2 seems to have been changed to a side-through upper, and this double-sided version of the white zebra has never had any exposure before. The design of the woven upper is still covered with the familiar zebra texture. The new translucent upper replaces the original "SPLY 350" lettering on the white background, which becomes a more pure black and white color. The overall has a unique charm. .

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It has long been reported that the classic Air Jordan 14 is about to return, until recently it has finally been re-enacted and announced the release date. With the release approaching, the official map is finally released today, and we will meet you next weekend. Air Jordan 14 Candy Cane continues the first year of white and red color dressing, the red is slightly lighter in the physical exposure map, and the red in this official figure is quite pure. What color is the real thing? I am afraid I will wait until after the sale. Details such as carbon plate configuration, air intake design, and shoe line are the same as the OG version. Earlier, it was reported that this year's re-enactment will return to Hamilton's PE status, but it was later confirmed that this was not the case. Therefore, this re-enactment does not have any details of the player's PE, completely following the pure first-year design.

From the end of last year to March of this year, the Yeezy series has been releasing new color schemes almost without interruption. In particular, the Yeezy Boost 700 series has almost become a topic that has to be discussed in the launch of new products. Recently, another brand new Yeezy Boost 700 V2 Vanta color has been re-exposed. This color scheme has the same spy photos as previously reported, and at first glance it is a bit similar to the "Geode" color scheme. The overall large area uses carbon black and coal ash, which is the darkest color scheme in the Yeezy 700 series. The matching material selection of the shoe body can be imagined as the contrast color version of the Yeezy Boost 700 Static. The suede upper is meshed with the mesh surface. There are three curved reflective strips in the middle of the shoe. The midsole and the heel are embellished with 3M reflection. In view of the fact that the Yeezy Boost 700 series of dark-colored shoes are less, this pair of "Vanta", which is almost pure in color, should be a good idea for many shoe fans.

Air Max Day is an important topic in the sneaker circle in March, and as the designer of Air Max 1 and Air Jordan 3, Tinker Hatfield's two masterpieces fit this month, bringing the Air Jordan 3 Tinker Air Max 1 Turned out! Both the Air Max 1 and Air Jordan 3 classic ancestors were born in 1987 and celebrated their 32nd birthday this year. The Air Jordan 3 Tinker with the Swoosh hook comes from the original manuscript of Tinker Hatfield. The earliest design was a hooked element, but the later commercial version was cancelled. This pair of white and red air Jordan 3 Tinker "Air Max 1" presents AM1's most classic white-red OG color scheme, which is exactly the color, which has opened the Air Max family for 30 years! In addition to the tribute to the color scheme, these shoes are also quite a surprise for us to present the design of "changing hooks". Whether it is pure white, reflective, red, or cracked, it has its own personality and has different feet. effect.

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With the arrival of spring, Yeezy recently ushered in the peak season. Yeezy 350 V2 Almost every color match took off. The pure white Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 in the store in the last few months also stopped official sales and became popular again. But just after it was taken off the shelf, the pure white color will be replenished again tomorrow. What is more worthy of attention is the adidas new release method officially launched! Since last year, it has been reported that the adidas official APP will take over the Confirmed, which has been put on hold, to integrate the shoe-hunting function and fight against Nike's SNKRS. Previously, the adidas APP had replenished three black Yeezy 350 V2 in Europe, and this time, it will soon replenish Yeezy in the country.

Since 2005, the womenswear brand Stella McCartney has partnered with adidas to create distinctive sports gear for women. This time I chose the most cutting-edge 4D running shoes to create a unique version of the sock. Stella McCartney x adidas AlphaEdge 4D's most eye-catching is the new woven upper that has never been seen before. The thick lines and woven textures are sharp and look cool. At the same time, the three-dimensional interpenetrating structure of the lines is very harmonious with the 4D midsole, which makes the shoes more scientific and technological. A high-sleeved neckline neckline with a Stella McCartney name and adidas Logo, combined with a co-branded identity, is added to the traditional lace-up upper. It is also worth mentioning that the green dress before the Futurecraft 4D midsole changed to milky white, let us see more possibilities in the 4D midsole.

This year, the Air Jordan 4, which has a very high popularity in the Air Jordan generation, officially celebrates its 30th anniversary. In addition to the black and red Air Jordan 4 “Bred” that will debut in May, there is another pair of new and impeccable Air Jordan 4 “What The 4”. It is not unfamiliar to mention the "What The" series. Each pair of "What The" color schemes combines a pair of shoes with a variety of classic color elements to create a superbly unique visual effect. Some people have made an effect map on the Internet. Although there is only one heel angle, it is obvious that the color combination is a combination of black and white, white cement, motorcycle blue and white red and red Air Jordan 4, and the left and right feet are extremely contrasting. Black and white match. Unfortunately, there is no physical detail exposure yet. What are the classic elements of Air Jordan 4? It is really worth looking forward to. Maybe there will be elements of charity color matching. It is a little exciting to think about it!

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adidas Ultra Boost has always had a seat in running shoes with its foot feel and excellent footing.Status, the previous exposure of this shoe will be combined with Undefeated to reflect the adidas' emphasis on this shoe. Recently, a new color scheme has been released. The upcoming model is based on the US team. The Adidas Ultra Boost USA is equipped with a royal blue Primeknit upper. The laces are similar in blue and the upper is a classic white 3-stripe logo. The lining is made of red and forms a strong contrast with the upper.

As Air Max Day approaches, the new Jordans 2019 Shoes are constantly being released. Recently, American professional football star Odell Beckham Jr exposed a new Nike Air Max 720 on Instagram, which attracted attention. In the shade of different shades of green, highlighting the color level, the eye-catching index can not be underestimated. The upper is made of flip-flops, mesh and leather. The air cushion unit is exactly the same as the Nike Air Max 720 just launched, offering a good feel. Different from the regular shoes, it is also equipped with shoes on the inside of the upper, which is full of playfulness. Followed by the fur cover Logo uses hot pressing technology, whether this color is exclusive to the individual.

Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 Although it didn't take long to launch, the color of the coquettish is quite a lot. Recently, Air Jordan Sneakers are two new color schemes, in addition to the fancy color scheme, the special packaging that is very interesting, and the childhood theme full of memories. A yellow, orange, and green embellishment with a natural white background and fluorescent tones, inspired by the Super Soaker. Previously, the special packaging version of the player's passage was admitted. It can be seen that the way to tie the shoes to the cardboard is also intended to imitate the toy packaging. The printed cardboard is also printed with the introduction text of Why Not Zer0.2. The other color scheme is mainly gray and white, with red and green embellishments. It is quite technical and inspired by the game console Game, which everyone is very familiar with. In addition to restoring the color scheme, the shoe box is almost the same as the appearance of the Game Boy. The green display part presents the personal logo of Wei Shao. The shoe also comes with a hangtag in the shape of a game cassette, which makes the tribute more vivid.

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In addition to the upcoming high-profile black and red Air Jordan 6 coming out this month, there will be a new GS new product for sale! Air Jordan 6 GS Green Abyss shoes are presented in white and purple contrasts. The details are complemented by pink, light green and purple interlaced dyes. They are separated from traditional leather. This time, the fabric is placed in the frame of the shoe to create a more A lively and unique atmosphere!

2019 Sneakers Release has release the new Air Jordan Proto Reat has many Sneakerheads planted with its avant-garde and sci-fi design. After the previous exposure of one black and one white color, there are three more eye-catching new color combinations released recently. They are blue, fluorescent yellow and transparent uppers, which are quite youthful and energetic. In the design with traditional laces, the back straps are also added to enhance the sense of wrapping. The midsole is equipped with Nike React cushioning technology for a more comfortable wearing experience.

The Nike React Element 55 has the same appearance as the previous red-hot React Element 87. It replaces the flap body with a breathable mesh, eliminating the extra complicated structure and making the upper foot more simple. Recently, another brand new color scheme was released. Nike WMNS React Element 55 is a women's exclusive color scheme, soft pink upper with soft texture, Swoosh Logo, lace hole and heel color are the same, echoing the upper.

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After a lapse of five years, Jordans 2019 Shoes finally ushered in the return of the black red Air Jordan 6. The limited sale on SNKRS earlier this month has already made lucky shoe fans get ahead of their hands and watched the beautiful photos on the feet. The re-enactment still retains the purest first-year design, the delicate black nubuck material with eye-catching fluorescent red, and the stiffer body line with OG temperament. Retaining venting position 3M Reflective details, vintage texture with avant-garde street design. After re-engraving, the overall shape of the shoe is more refined, it is easy to wear and match, calm and individual, and not unassuming. In addition, the heel embroidery Nike Air Logo is the most amazing for fans. Although the original Jumpman Logo does not affect the aesthetics of the shoes themselves, the temperament is not a star or a half compared to the details of the OG first year. Overall, the pair's footing effect is really great. The shoes are stiff and the color scheme is classic and easy to match. Whether it's a loyalty or a trend-following shoe fan, this pair of black and red Air Jordan 6 is a very worthwhile shoe.

Last year, Nike React Element 87 was born, and it was recognized by the majority of sneaker players with its good value and comfortable foot. As the spring is approaching, Nike has also brought a new color to this pair of running shoes. The overall design is dominated by lake blue, with a pink accent on the heel and a white React midsole. The color scheme is full of fresh and fresh temperament. It is very refreshing and lively and is very suitable for the arrival of spring. The Swoosh Logo is replaced with a black outfit with a flap upper for a good sci-fi feel.

Pharrell has just released the brand name of Human Made with NIGO and adidas. The Pharrell x adidas Hu NMD, which has been deeply rooted in the past, has not been idle, and has exposed the new color matching of BBC! The exaggerated color of the past is changed, and the upper is presented with a checkered black and blue contrast color in a flannel dress, creating a good casual atmosphere. The striking white fonts "Heart" and "Mind" inherit the Philippine's consistent humanistic theme, which echoes the BBC Logo and highlights the unique co-branded identity. The white full palm Boost is infused with a black stabilizing block, and finally finished with a twill weave lace finish, embellished with fine details.

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Recently, the most heavyweight sneakers are on sale. The black and red Air Jordan 6 Bred is scheduled to officially return on February 16th, and today's foot map is also the first exposure! Ingeniously combining the two color words Black and Red, Bred Black is not only the earliest color matching theme of the Air Jordan series, but also the essential color matching for each positive generation. On the other hand, as Jordan's first champion boots, it symbolizes the main color atmosphere of the Chicago Bulls. The classic status and super high popularity are self-evident. The last time it was re-enacted 5 years ago, the biggest difference is that the Nike Air logo is used in the first year to perfectly restore the OG dress. The black cow leather upper is complemented by a more intense laser red accent. Compared to 2014, many players have too shallow and partial powder, which is far from the impression. This time it is more in line with everyone's mind!

The Air Jordan 1, which was released last year,Jordans 2019 Shoes has not been released for new products this year. In addition to a pair of all-star color combinations, the Air Jordan 1 “Crimson Tint”, which is dressed in black powder, must attract the attention of many players. As early as 2017, Jordan had created a pair of ultra-standard dirty powder for the Miami Art Basel. Air Jordan 1, because of the rare amount of goods limited by friends and relatives, the price of the shoes in the domestic market reached more than 30,000 yuan. This new black powder Air Jordan 1 undoubtedly meets everyone's expectations for the pair of sky-high color. The familiar black toe dress is back again, but this year, the area of ​​the lychee skin is increased on the material, and the invisible texture is improved. Black contrasts with light pink, black occupies a larger proportion, retains versatile attributes while adding a personality-like eye-catching effect.

2019 Sneakers Release With the official launch of the adidas Ultra Boost 19 debut color at the end of last year, adidas' new generation of super running shoes was also officially unveiled. In view of the colorful color of the Ultra Boost sold in the past, the Ultra Boost 19 also sells a variety of arrogant color combinations, but the popularity of it is often just on the adidas official website, it will be sold out, let Many Ultra Boost fans have never experienced this pair of running shoes. Recently, a new color matching Ultra Boost 19 official release. The upper part of the upper is made of black and pink. The lower part is decorated with pure white, and the upper support system is transformed into a pure black dress, and the overall texture is fresh and bright.

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2019 Mens Jordans can be regarded as Nike's evergreen shoes, with a variety of color schemes and versatile shoes, which are loved by shoe fans. Recently, a new color scheme Air Force 1 Low “Jelly Puff” official release. Just like the name of the shoe, the biggest highlight of this pair of shoes is the Swoosh Logo with reflective sequins and jelly texture, cute and cute girlish atmosphere. The upper is echoed. Swoosh Logo uses a light pink like cake. The tongue Nike Logo and Swoosh Logo use the same reflective sequins with a pure white sole. It can be said to be very cute!

Ultra Boost is arguably the most popular running shoe for adidas. It is now re-launched with a new look. The larger Boost material and the lighter body have been upgraded. The difference from previous generations is that the TPU at the heel of the adidas  Ultra Boost 2019 is hollowed out, and the original three-line logo on both sides is combined and presented in a semi-transparent manner, taking into account the comfort and technology. The whole pair of shoes are presented in black and white contrast, and the black fine lines extend from the toe to the heel, which has a taste of “Tai Chi”.

Chinese New Year Nike Air Flightposite “CNY” has been very hot since the start of DEAL on January 10th. Today, 2019 Sneakers Release are welcoming a set of clear pictures, which are reported to be officially released on the official website next week! The fascinating sci-fi foaming style presents the theme of this year's CNY 100 clothing in a gradient color. The iconic “Hands of the Year” logo is added to the tongue, and the collar is in the shape of a diamond cut, which is quite avant-garde. The Swoosh Logo outlines the edges with embroidery, and the tones are the same as the gradient style, which echoes the upper.

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Although it is still a cold winter, the Spring Festival is approaching and spring is not far away. Brands have also begun to release 19 new spring and summer collections. The Nike Air Max 1 also has a pair of new colors that are perfect for spring wear. The upper is made of pure white, and the leather is matched with the functional mesh. It is still fresh and keeps warm and waterproof. The most interesting thing is the design of the Swoosh Logo, which is made of transparent rubber with a blue-yellow gradient effect. The texture resembling jelly is very pleasing. The heel, sole and air cushion are decorated with bright green and blue, and the tongue also has a blue-violet color gradient effect.

The Air VaporMax series is known for its comfortable feet. Recently, the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2 brings a new pair of Tai Chi colors. The pair of shoes are based on black and paired with a white Flyknit woven upper for a comfortable fit, while the color scheme is also presented in a more recognizable “Taichi color scheme”. It is worth mentioning that the black-and-white contrast design at the back of the shoe is very eye-catching, and it can be said that the color is matched with the heart. Compared to the original version, the Air VaporMax Flyknit 2 version of the reduced Swoosh maintains a simple, low-key texture in this Tai Chi color scheme.

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers As early as the end of last year, we have repeatedly reported that there will be a pair of Air Jordan 6 Flint for sale this month. Many players only like Air Jordan 6 also lamented in silence for some time, Air Jordan 6 finally have the new color. The color scheme is quite similar to the game's favorite “carmine”. The body is made of white leather with a coal-gray suede. The gray part has a special texture and the shades are very old. Feeling, definitely a good choice for a daily outing.