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Nike Sportswear plans to launch a number of Air Foamposite Pro series in the spring and summer of 2019, which is what we often call the “bubble” series. Recently, the upcoming one is the Nike Air Foamposite Pro Hyper Crimson color scheme. This shoe has been sought after by shoe fans because of its unique metal texture. This time again, it is also a classic configuration. Bronze metal texture foam upper, black shiny face Swoosh Logo, upper orange small logo echo. Exposed visible carbon plate, black matte outsole, the overall temperament restores the purest OG breath.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid mid-shoes are back in 2 new colors! They all use the restrained light gray as the main tone, with the creamy white details, the overall simplicity and refreshing, quite avant-garde temperament of Air MAG! In particular, one of them is made of frosted leather on the Swoosh side of the shoe, and the other part is made of fluffy leather in the gray part, which is calm and calm, and all create a good highlight!

The temperature warmed up and the spring and summer also returned. The low-cut sneakers from Lebron's latest boots are also on schedule. After atmos x LeBron 16 Low Safari, the sneaker account gc911 has a pair of LeBron 16 Low. The first regular color scheme, the domineering crown heel, definitely makes you hooked. The biggest difference with the high-top version is that the upper uses different weaving techniques. The neckline was also changed to the iconic sock-style design. It is worth mentioning that after a lapse of years, the low-cut version is finally equipped with the unbalanced midsole cushioning technology, which is a conscience. This color is versatile in black and white, followed by a luxurious brown nub leather, which is also stamped with a domineering crown logo, highlighting the noble status of Little Emperor James. The outsole and air cushion are decorated with ice blue and pink to pay tribute to the classic South Coast elements.

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2019 Mens Jordans Inspired by the classic slogan “Just Do It” last year, Nike launched the corresponding color scheme for many of its classic sneakers. This year, Nike launched the new slogan “Have A Nike Day” and will use it as a source of inspiration. Unlike the retro color scheme of “Just Do It”, “Have A Nike Day” is presented in a colorful contrast color to create a lively and
interesting atmosphere. Nike Air Force 1 High Have A Nike Day shoes are made of vintage blue, purple and pink. The black Swoosh is especially eye-catching. At the same time, the laces are embellished with the iconic “smiley face”, and the overall color is lively and full of breath. It is worth mentioning that the Air Foce 1 uses a fabric upper, which has greatly improved the comfort. Recently, the weather has gradually warmed up. It is also a very good choice to start such a pair of fresh "Have A Nike Day".

Jordans 2019 Shoes A recent exposure of the Air Jordan 6 GS Green Abyss must let the ladies and sisters want to stop. According to the latest news, in addition to the GS version, smaller children and baby versions will be released. Air Jordan 6 GS Green Abyss uses white as the keynote. The tongue, laces, lining and midsole are all outlined in dark green, and the fresh and fresh temperament is ready. The Jumpman Logo adds a touch of vibrancy to the eye-catching pink makeup. The most interesting thing is that the pink and green painting on the upper of the shoe is as refined as an art painting. Material materials can not be underestimated, the texture of the lychee skin, as well as the difference between the previous fabric uppers, make this color look different. The PS and TD colors are visually compatible with the GS version.

2019 Sneakers Release have already announced to you that there will be three super popular black and red color OG shoes returning this year. I believe that this year is also a must for everyone. Following the black and red Air Jordan 6 is the first to be released, so that many fans will be hooked up, the next one will be the turn of May to appear in the black and red OG color matching Air Jordan 4 Bred! Black and Red Air Jordan 4 is one of the first year's color schemes and has always been very popular. The black main theme is cool, and the nubuck leather brings extraordinary texture, beautiful and versatile, presumably also a lot of players Air Jordan 4 preferred color. This re-enactment will return to the Nike Logo image of the first year, bringing
a higher sentiment and originality.

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Category: Bundesliga

The recent Air Jordan 6 generation is a wake-up call, following the black and red Air Jordan 6 strong return, another girl's exclusive new color Aleali May x Air Jordan 6 debut, and said it will be officially released in March. This time, Jordan Brand teamed up with LA's renowned fashionista Aleali May to create a fascinating Air Jordan 6. The overall color scheme is very simple and succinct, and the whole body is presented in a very popular dirty powder color scheme, supplemented by Infrared infrared rays to outline the details. The goddess of breath that comes out of the way, does the young lady’s sisters want to move? The material used is also very elegant, the upper is wrapped in matte leather, and the choice of milky white jelly bottom adds a bit of sweetness. In fact, Aleali May is not the first time to cooperate with Jordan Brand. The Air Jordan 1 with a contrast upper and a detachable fur tongue comes from her brain. It is not difficult to see the talent of Aleali May in design.

Last fall and winter, Nike introduced a new shoe model based on React Element 87. Nike React LW WR Mid ISPA. Recently, this functional version of React running shoes has launched a low-cut version and will debut this week. It can be seen that there is no significant difference between the low and the high in the design style, but there are still no small changes in the details. The upper is made of functional mesh and has a punched design for enhanced breathability. The lacing system is asymmetrical and more unique than the mid-range version. There is no Swoosh Logo on the outside, it is only decorated with ISPA labels, and the inside of the upper is dotted with a large Swoosh Logo. This time it is still directly bringing three pairs of new color schemes, with black, white and dark brown as the main tone, and the React midsole with different colors, showing a very cool performance style.

In addition to the red and white Air Jordan 14 is about to be re-enacted, the Air Jordan series will bring us a feeling of love this year, that is, Ray Allen's early career in the Bucks color match Air Jordan 7. That year, Ray A Lun has a pair of PE and a pair of PE color matching, but this color will be released this year is different from the two, is a new color matching Air Jordan 7 Ray Allen. As can be seen from the actual exposure, although the body is also dressed in black, the material is different from the away PE version, and the material is similar to the black and red Air Jordan 6. In addition to the black body, the other parts of the color match are quite similar to the white home PE version. The midsole and the outs are decorated with purple and green, respectively, and the upper is embroidered with a purple Jumpman Logo, highlighting the Bucks theme.

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Category: Bundesliga

Earlier we reported that Air Jordan 1's most classic black toe color scheme will be re-released this year in Air Jordan 1 Low. Recently, the shoes have a new official map exposure, loyal to the first year of the color scheme, with this year's equally popular low-cut shoes, I believe that these shoes will have a good popularity. The lychee skin is held in the middle of the shoe, and the Air Jordan label is presented in the form of embroidery. The overall texture is good. Also with the low-cut version of the "Chicago", "small lightning" and other color, the current secondary market has a low speculation price, the original price of the black toe Air Jordan 1 Low I am afraid the difficulty is not small.

With the upcoming Air Max Day this year, creating more color for the Air Max family has become a recent Nike Sneakers mission. In fact, the atmospheric pad vintage running shoes have been favored by fashion trends. Recently, the Nike Air VaporMax Plus has also exposed a singular color. The shoe blends the Nike Air Max Plus signature upper and VaporMax's signature midsole. In terms of color matching, it is decorated with a pink-blue gradient. It also adds white to embellish the details, and the sweet breath is ready to come out, while the sci-fi is full.

2019 Mens Jordans With the arrival of the Spring Festival, the cold winter is about to end, and the bright spring also indicates that the street wear will usher in a new scene. This weekend's black-red Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared re-enactment, the first climax of the 2019 sneakers, the classic black red cow leather shoes, plus handsome and capable foot effect, it is The main reason for being loved by players. In addition to this pair of black and red classics, there are actually many new shoes that have a good effect on the feet. Bringing a selection of "new shoes on the feet", the spring season will usher in the peak season of buying shoes. Before you buy, you may wish to refer to it!

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With the advent of the All-Star Game, Nike has launched a variety of all-star color matching shoes, and will be released on Wednesday with the Air Jordan 6 "NRG" color. Air Jordan 6 NRG uses pure black against the Charlotte Hornets logo Purple, highlighting this theme. It is complemented by an ice-blue outsole that highlights the simple color scheme. The upper material is also quite elegant. It is made of cow hair that is easy to care for and has a unique luster. The leather on both sides is decorated with snake skin texture, and the luxury temperament is undoubtedly revealed. The most exciting is the Nike Air lettering, which restores the most OG charm. The upper edge of the upper is made of high-quality leather, which shows high specifications.

Every year, 2019 Mens Jordans will launch a variety of Valentine's Day colors for Valentine's Day, and recently there is a new color air Force 1 gorgeous debut. Nike Air Force 1 Rose Pink is decorated with rose pink and embellished with black leather Swoosh Logo. The heel is accompanied by a unique floral embroidery, which combines the Nike Logo with the heart of the heart. The overall feeling is beautiful and passionate.

The black and red Air Jordan 6 has always been one of the shoes that the sneakers must enter. Earlier, the Jordans 2019 Shoes had released the notice, but it suddenly disappeared, but it appeared in the new product preview. It seems that the sale on Saturday is a nail on the board. . Air Jordan 6 OG Infrared classic black and red dress, not only full of OG charm, but also represents the Bulls playoff color theme. Heel Nike Air embroidery is undoubtedly the most exciting presence for the majority of OG players, and finally supplemented by 3M reflective material blessing, eye-catching in low light environment!

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Travis Scott joins 2019 Mens Jordans big camp, the style of the sneakers will once again be a gorgeous change! The TS co-branded shoes are currently only available for the Air Jordan 4, and there are already a lot of models that have been exposed but not yet available for sale. In addition to the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 that was strongly launched in the Super Bowl midfield show yesterday, the Air Jordan 1 joint name presented by the “anti-hook” is even more compelling. Invert the Swoosh on the outside of the shoe to break the conventional boundary, which brings a compelling visual tension. The upper foot is naturally a handsome effect with a domineering gas field! However, when Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 was released, there was no audio. There were already sneakers customizable players who couldn’t resist the excitement and created the same model by themselves! Noralthecobbler is an artist, sneaker designer and customizer. The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” is from his brain opening and exquisite craftsmanship. The most classic white, black and red Chicago color scheme is adopted. The use of snake-printed patent leather is quite glossy. The anti-hook of the shoe body is designed with reference to the official works, and is also domineering! When "anti-hook" meets "Chicago", the visual effect is really invincible!

Jordans 2019 Shoes,The The Ten series of Virgil and Nike is about to come to an end. The OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 90 is available in two new colors, one is a classic black and white dress, the other is a rare one. Military style. Like the last OW x Air Force 1, this time there are still children's shoes and baby shoes! It can be used not only to form the Sneakerhead family, but also as a pendant and pendant, making it a good "shoe jewelry".

2019 Sneakers Release,After the V2 shoe type Static color scheme was released, the Yeezy 700 Boost's first V1 shoe model will still bring many new products this year. Yesterday we reported that Yeezy, the first new color scheme in 2019, will be the Yeezy 700 Boost “Salt” on February 23, and the Yeezy 700 Boost “Inertia” is rumored to be in March. Unlike the Salt color scheme, the Yeezy 700 Boost “Inertia” is presented in a unique grey-blue hue with details in orange-red. This is a color that you have never seen before, and it is also a pair of colors that have never been seen on the street. Yeezy 700 Boost “Inertia” inherits the peculiar temperament of the Yeezy family, but it is not difficult to match. The color is between dark and light, which has a refreshing and succinct feeling, and it can hide the impulsive impulse. I believe that it will become a good choice for the "trend pioneers" on the street!

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After turning into 2019, the first pair of super-popular shoes worthy of national attention is definitely the return of this pair of black and red Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared ! This time, as a member of Jordan Brand's 2019 All-Star series, this pair of shoes is both Michael Jordan's championship boots and the shoes he wore during the 1991 All-Star Weekend, and that year's All-Star Weekend, the same It was carried out in North Carolina. The Air Jordan 6 is also MJ's first championship boot. In the 1991 NBA Finals, the Flying Man was wearing this black and red color scheme, defeating the Lakers led by Magic Johnson and kicking off the dynasty! Counting this release in 2019, this classic pair of shoes was sold in six times. The last time was in 2014.

The Air Max 98 is one of the most popular shoes in recent years, and the high-quality shoes allow a variety of color matching materials to work well. Recently, a new color matching Air Max 98 has been released. The Nike Air Max 98 Leopard is a white background with a yellow leopard overlay and a fluorescent green Swoosh Logo and Air Logo. The Air Max 98 “Leopard” is designed for women and features a unique leopard print for those who like retro style and don’t want to be the same.

Every year, Nike Sneakers will launch a large number of new Air Force 1 products, in addition to the classic solid color system, it will add a lot of new and interesting design elements. Recently, a new Nike Air Force 1 Have A Nike Day series was first exposed. A total of black, light purple, lake green color, the upper is made of flip fur and mesh, to ensure the texture while improving breathability. Different from the previous shoes, replace the Nike Swoosh Logo with the words “Have A Nike Day” to highlight the unique theme. The biggest highlights are undoubtedly the delicate lace buckle and side rivet design, and the different color schemes also have a specific pattern theme, full of playfulness. Black is cherry, lavender is alien, and lake green is the familiar smile.

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The OFF-WHITE x Air Max 90, which was scheduled to meet with you on January 17th, will be on sale until February 7th, which will whet your appetite. Recently, a new set of beautiful pictures on the Internet has been released. The overall selection of sand color dress, military style is rich. The iconic Swoosh Logo is replaced with an orange coat that highlights the vibrancy and visual impact. It seems to convey to us that even the tough Tiehan has a lively and cheerful side. This time, a total of black and desert colors will be released, continuing the “The Ten” design concept, with a number of classic elements such as eye-catching labels, exposed sponges, lace prints, and classic lock designs. At present, the market for the two pairs of shoes is much higher than the original price, and the price of the two color pre-sales is at $600. However, many foreign stores have been on the list, and the difficulty may not be very high. It is expected to be the same as last year's OFF-WHITE x Nike 2.0 series.

In addition to the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day in February, the sneaker circle has an important theme, that is, the black history month. After Nike launched the "BHM" series, adidas also brought the "CBC (Celebrating Black Culture)" series. Although overseas has just been exposed, the domestic official website has already taken the lead. This time includes Dame 5, Harden Vol.3 and Ultra Boost 1.0. They are all dressed in purple + orange red, and the details are also decorated with floral embellishments to highlight the traditional ethnic customs. At the same time, they also carry the “CBC” Logo to pay tribute to the black culture. In addition to the three shoes, the adidas also created a special edition jersey for the NCAA, which is very retro in the early 20s, bringing the unique "Harlem" charm of black basketball.

Near the New Year, 2019 Mens Jordans still has a new QUD color release, and the shoes are the choice of the ultra-high Ultra Boost, but also invited a chef to jointly design. The adidas invited the Chinese-American chef Huang Yuming to design the joint sneakers. The classic Ultra Boost was replaced with a big red dress, which has a Chinese atmosphere, and is followed by a golden "blessing", also with "happiness" and " The meaning of "Fortune". According to current sources, the Eddie Huang x adidas Ultra Boost CNY will be available for sale in the near future. The sale price is $180, and the item number is F36246.

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As the first Nike running shoe with full-body React cushioning technology, Epic React Flyknit has been a soft-sounding and comfortable foot since last year. With the arrival of 2019, the new generation of Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 is officially launched, and the integrated Flyknit structure fits the foot while providing excellent breathability, elasticity and support. React cushioning throughout the foot, no matter whether it is running training or daily commuting, there is no pressure.

Jordans 2019 Shoes With its simple body design, the Nike Air Force 1 has become the best “canvas” for many designers, and it has become more eye-catching as the theme changes. Recently, the theme of Charlotte's racing culture, hosted by the NBA All-Star Game, brings a new color to the Nike Air Force 1'07 AS QS. The body of the shoe is black and white, and the tongue is decorated with traditional American racing stripes. It echoes the blue and pink Nike Swoosh on both sides of the shoe to create a strong atmosphere! At the top of the tongue is the word “RACING AF1”, which together with the words “AIR FORCCE 1”, “RACING” and “ASW-2019” on the outside of the heel show the unique identity of this shoe. The metal lace buckle and the many logos on the black midsole can be seen that the specifications are not low.

In the daily wear of NBA stars, there must be limited edition shoes. Like the rocket star Tucker we have reported many times before, it is the famous Sneakerhead of the NBA. The Lakers' big master James missed the 76ers because of injury. He sat on the sidelines and wore a pair of OFF-WHITE x Converse Chuck 70 with a gray suit. The transparent material of the upper is reflected in the gray socks, and the color is harmonious with the gray suit. When Zhan Huang was excited, he also got up and cheered for his teammates. If it weren't for these shoes, it would be difficult for him to play. It is estimated that he couldn't resist the change.

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In the past two months, the new color of the Air Jordan 1 Mid has emerged in an endless stream. Many of them are excellent products with outstanding value. Recently, they have created a pair of pure black but unusually luxurious new colors for girls. Air Jordan 1 Mid Black is based on pure black. The highlight is that the black upper is covered with a large area of ​​black glitter. With high-quality leather, it not only enhances the layering, but also adds a luxurious temperament to the whole pair of shoes.

As the NBA All-Star Weekend approaches, Nike Sneakers is also taking the opportunity to launch more shoes with Charlotte color matching. Recently, we have welcomed a new color Nike Air Max 98 exposure. Nike Air Max 98 is under the pure white leather upper, with lake green leather and purple matte leather, which highlights the elegance and elegance of the Charlotte Hornets. In response, the mid-air Air Max air cushion and outsole are presented in the same color. In order to make the overall color scheme more layered, it also uses brown, light purple and light blue to embellish the details.

In October last year, BespokeIND, a well-known sneaker custom team, 2019 Sneakers Release created a Nike React Element 87 ACG with a grape-purple color. Although it has a speculative price of $2,400, it is still sold out quickly. Recently, the shoe custom team BespokeIND inspired this design and launched two new color schemes. The retro-inspired body is crafted from the ultimate in luxury materials such as calfskin, suede, kangaroo and deerskin, while the iconic React midsole remains unchanged.

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As early as last November, the new adidas ZX 4000 4D, which was sold for sale, was not available for various reasons. It was only sold at INNERSECT trend show in China. After waiting for more than two months, the shoes have finally had the latest release date and will officially debut next weekend. In 2018, adidas officially applied Futurecraft 4D technology to make more people experience the charm of future technology. The adidas ZX 4000 4D is naturally expected. As you can see from the name of the shoe, the upper is based on the classic running shoes ZX 4000. In order to bring a better foot feel and adapt to the avant-garde style of 4D, the upper is made of Primeknit weave, and the leather is stitched together. After blending the colors, it enhances the layering and deconstructs the style. The color scheme is mainly gray and the color is decorated with bright colors such as pink and yellow. The light green Futurecraft 4D midsole is refreshing and yet beautiful. The unique charm is eager to try.

Jordans 2019 Shoes has a rare joint name on the foot, PE is nothing new, but the recent pair of Air Jordan 6 Oregon PE is really eye-catching. The Air Jordan 6 Oregon PE body is made of black cow leather, which distinguishes the previous Oregon PE shoes with a more eye-catching fluorescent green. Cleverly present the iconic “O” pattern on the sides of the upper with 3M reflective material. It is worth mentioning that the embroidery on the heel appears like a wing, giving a refreshing feeling. It's a pity that the Oregon PE is only a solution to everyone's eyes. We might as well expect the shoe king to have any rare shoes in the next game.

At the end of last year, 2019 Sneakers Release unprecedented crazy sales plan made many shoe players exclaimed, but from the report of Yesezy's fourth quarter sales in the fourth quarter of 2018, Kanye's business vision is comparable to his design inspiration. high! However, one month has elapsed since 2019, and the Yeezy series has always been exposed to the release of new products. Many Yeezy powders have indicated that they can't wait. However, earlier today, the well-known sneakers broke the account yeezymafia finally exposed the adidas Yeezy 700 Salt color distribution information.

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In the past 2018, it can be said that the new color of Air Jordan 1 is a year of spring. However, the New Year has just passed, and the sale of the new color does not mean to stop. Recently, there is a new color matching for the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG. The color scheme of the spy shoes is the same as the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Neutral Grey, which has been sold. The large area uses smoky gray suede and black lychee. The upper is matched with grass and green, and there is a breath of fresh spring leaves. The collar is accented with fluorescent green to make the overall color look even brighter. The Swoosh Logo also comes with the SP 19 AIR JORDAN 1 HIGH OG, which seems to be a great tradition in 2019.

The recent Air Jordan 4, a marbled dress,Air Jordan Sneakers has received much attention, followed by the 9-hole Air Jordan 1 with the same theme. Unlike the Air Jordan 4's black foundation, this Air Jordan 1 features a more versatile, pure black body with pink and splash effects on the upper and Swoosh Logo, giving the overall OG feel. The same flash material is used on the tongue and toe for the Air Jordan 4 toe cap, which is unique.

Every year, Jordans 2019 Shoes will bring a few new Air Jordan. This year, except for the end of the year, it is possible to re-enact the most classic black and red Air Jordan 11 "Bred". There is no news of any new products. Recently, a shoe account on Instagram, feelgoodthreads, has exposed a special pair of Air Jordan 11 objects. The whole pair of shoes are dominated by the refreshing Tiffany blue, and the heel Jumpman Logo is also in the same tone, with a white midsole and a blue translucent crystal outsole. The picture's essay indicates that this is a pair of Chris Paul's PE color matching. The true identity of these shoes is quite mysterious.

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In 2019, as the 30th anniversary of the release of the Air Jordan 4, there will be a replica of the classic color scheme. Air Jordan 4 Black Red As one of the most matching colors for Joe's father, it can be considered the most anticipated shoes for fans. This re-enactment not only retains the original classic color scheme, but also restores the early Nike Air Logo on the heel, which greatly satisfies the feelings of many old shoe fans.

2019 Mens Jordans latest boots Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 With its huge style change and exaggerated design, it attracts the attention of many practical fans. Recently, a new color matching Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 was put on the court by Wei Shao. Jordan Why Not Zer 0.2 is based on white, with rainbow colors to embellish details. The biggest highlight is undoubtedly the colorful reinforcing straps on both sides of the vamp, which highlights the coolness and guarantees the overall color.

With the approach of the NBA All-Star Game, Jordans 2019 Shoes are also experiencing new product warm-up! In front of this pair of Nike Air Max 720 Saturn AS inspired by Charlotte's Motor Speedway, this black and yellow eye-catching body is complemented by rich racing elements, equipped with the recently launched Air Max 720 Super atmospheric cushions, whether it is the eye-catching gas field creation, or the soft and elastic comfort of the feet, are very exciting! The details are also injected into the zipper and functional buckles, demonstrating the avant-garde technology experience!

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With the popularity of Air Jordan 1, Jordan Brand has also given more color themes to Mid shoes to hit the market. Today, a new color air Jordan 1 Mid "Fly" exposure. The Air Jordan 1 Mid Fly is displayed in shades of blue, with yellow accents to highlight the color gradation. The tongue label and the upper are presented in a sturdy way, which is full of playfulness. On the outside of the vamp, the Fly graffiti lettering highlights the personality and points to the theme. It is worth mentioning that the Swoosh Logo is treated with a transparent material to give a refreshing feeling. The selection of the ice blue outsole is in line with it.

From the early Air Max 90, which has been popular in the country, to the Air Max 95, 97 and 98, which have become popular in recent years, it is easy to see that the status of Air Max is very high in the hearts of domestic shoe players. 2019 Mens Jordans naturally attaches great importance to the Air Max series, and a number of new designs with great sincerity are frequently released. Recently, the sneakers store sneakerpolitics has a new color matching Air Max 98, whether it is color or design, it will definitely bring you no small surprise. Different from the retro color schemes that have been sold in the past, the Air Max 98 is decorated with tie-dyed denim, cashew flowers and a lot of raw rubber details. The combination of popular street dresses and classic shoes in recent years, the visual level is extremely rich, is definitely the potential stock of the recent shoe market.

Jordans 2019 Shoes will usher in the new Air Max 720 this year, last year's Air Max 270 will still introduce new products, and a new pair of South Coast color matching will soon be officially launched. The Nike Air Max 270 shoe's upper uses a large area of ??lake blue, and the details and striking Air Max air cushions are accented with bright pink to create a highly classic classic South Coast color scheme with a high degree of eyesight.

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Recently, the release of the major brands of the CNY series has come to an end, but Nike seems to hide the ultimate Boss. Air Force 1 Rebel This shoe has not been officially released before, but today I put this pair of shoes on the Nike official website, and my favorite friends don't miss it! Nike Air Force 1 Rebel CNY is a new variant of Nike that combines deconstruction concepts for girls. This pair of shoes should be a CNY shoe specially designed for girls. Although the design of the whole pair of shoes can be seen in the design of the whole pair of shoes, the overall integration of the shoes into more female elements, and other models Different, it can be described as full of personality.

Nike's new Air Max 720 has been eye-catching since its exposure, but don't forget that there is no Air Max 270 that was introduced last year. Today 2019 Mens Jordans released a new color 270, telling us not to forget the original reason. The upper is made of white mesh with a yellow canvas material, and the dark blue adds detail to the visual impact. The air cushion at the back of the palm is bright pink, and the overall color is full of sweetness. The insole is also the same color matching, internal and external echo, to ensure the overall sense. The “Mini Swoosh” and 270 lettering on the upper and the tongue are the finishing touches, adding a touch of playfulness.

The new nike air  Max 720 series, which has just been exposed this year, Jordans 2019 Shoes has refreshed Nike's thickest air cushion record, reaching as much as 38mm. Recently, a unique high-profile version of the spy photos released. The uppers of these shoes are made of black and yellow leather. A zipper with the word “Air 720” is displayed above the patent leather toe, crossing the body to the heel. Like the Martin boots' upper design and yellow shoe, it echoes the patent leather yellow heel. The bright yellow heel is marked with “18-22 PSI” and other parameter labels. The transparent visual air cushion technology is extremely strong, and the overall has a good avant-garde performance.

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Although it is very small, it is difficult to match, but I have to say that Air Max 95 still has a certain popularity. The retro exaggerated Max outsole and the iconic wavy body design are designed to cater to the popular old-fashioned shoes. Recently exposed a new color matching Nike Air Max 95 Fresh Mint. In terms of details, there are a lot of OG elements, just change the fluorescent green color of the first year to mint green, and the degree of eyesight is not reduced, creating a must-have for Japanese retro street style!

Adidas Originals Crazy BYW has won a number of loyal fans with its iconic shape. Today, a new color scheme Crazy BYW II has been released on the official website. 2019 Mens Jordans,The overall black ash is the main tone, complemented by purple and orange embellishment details, adding a lot of lively atmosphere. The white lines on the sides of the shoe outline the unique body contour. This time, leather, mesh and fur are combined to form a textured upper. The raised TPU module on the side of the shoe is also eye-catching, which ensures a sense of wrap and a more visual impact. The midsole continues to be equipped with Boost cushioning technology, which combines daily brushing and galloping.

Recently, Jordans 2019 Shoes have continuously launched the “Black Moon” series of shoes. Today, adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged also welcomes the "Black Moon" color matching theme. The whole body is shown in milky white, and the inner lace hole is decorated with purple, black and red, which is more simple and beautiful in the color integrity. The three-line TPU trim is removed on both sides of the upper for added comfort while providing more space for the feet. The biggest highlight of this time is the “Celebrating Black Culture” and “CBC” printed on the insole, highlighting its unique “Black Moon” theme.

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Adidas Originals Crazy BYW X brings two pairs of boutique colors in the near future, almost every new product is irresistible! The two pairs of shoes are based on beige and navy blue. The gold line on the side of the beige shoes and the golden logo on the tongue make the temperament of the shoes a level, and with its exaggerated shape, the upper foot will become an eye harvester! On the other hand, the blue shoes are made of white lines and logos, and the side of the shoes is covered with red-embellished external lace holes. This design adds a lot of vitality to the whole. It is worth mentioning that the clover on the tongue is anti-logo. People can't help but think of it. The joint series of Alexander Wang x adidas are all in reverse. If the two sides re-joined together, with the comfortable feet and eye-catching shape of these shoes, they must be a pair of shoes that need to be increased.

The Nike x Fear Of God collection is the most popular fried chicken. 2019 Mens Jordans Following the “three bursts” on Saturday, there is news that Air Fear of God Moccasin will be released in February. The overall color is gray and white, which highlights the simple and casual style. The ripstop nylon upper features a ring-loading line with a horizontal velcro with a black Swoosh Logo. The heel selection lock replaces the high-cut version of the zipper design, while the upper snap button design is a finishing touch, while highlighting the personality, it is also more convenient to put on and take off. From the mid-bottom cushion window, it can be found that the outer layer uses Air Max cushioning technology, and the inner layer cushioning leaves a foreshadowing. Air 180 and Fear of God are engraved in front of the air cushion to highlight its unique co-branded identity. At the same time in the bottom of the heel, the Nike Air replaces the Fear of God, regardless of the overall design and details of the control are full of sincerity.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,With the official launch of the adidas Ultra Boost 19 debut color at the end of last year, adidas' new generation of super running shoes was also officially unveiled.In view of the colorful color of the Ultra Boost sold in the past, the Ultra Boost 19 also sells a variety of arrogant color combinations, but the popularity of it is often just on the adidas official website, it will be sold out, let Many Ultra Boost fans have never experienced this pair of running shoes. Recently, a new color matching Ultra Boost 19 official release. The upper part of the upper is made of black and pink. The lower part is decorated with pure white, and the upper support system is transformed into a pure black dress, and the overall texture is fresh and bright.

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Since the exposure, it has received much attention. This new Air Max 98 red patent leather, which looks like Supreme x Nike, will finally be officially launched this week! Although the Nike Air Max 98 University Red is slightly different in color and material, the eye-catching effect of the upper foot is not inferior to the trend! The halo of Supreme's joint name has faded, and it is easier to get started!

2019 Mens Jordans recently has a lot of action. After a pair of CLOT x Nike Air Zoom Haven, he also exposed a new co-branded E.U. x Nike Air Force 1 High on Ins. It seems that the shoes of the shoes are not guaranteed. Speaking of E.U. Many people will be a bit strange, but you will remember the memories of Guan Xige’s many times. That's right! That is Eu's iconic logo, and the opportunity for Eu was created by Guan Xi and former UNDEFEATED designer KB Lee saying “I'm emotionally unavailable!”, so he decided to create “Emotionally Unavailable” as a duo. Brand. From the figure we can find that this joint name uses the classic Air Force 1 High as the prototype. At the tongue label, the E.U. embroidered word replaces the Nike word, highlighting its unique co-branding status, while the high-profile version of the signature strap is also presented with the same elements. The biggest bright spot is undoubtedly the zipper structure replaces the traditional lace design, which is more visually impactful while being easy to put on and take off. In terms of color matching, the use of simple red and white color matching highlights the beauty of the hand. Although there is only one exposure map, Xiao Bian, with the clues on Ins, guessed that the red Air Force 1 High he wore during Fashion Week is the joint version. The right-hand zipper design is exactly the same, and the left foot maintains the traditional lace design, which is quite awkward.

Recently, the weather has gradually warmed up, and the weather is ready to wear running shoes. Today, 2019 Sneakers Release has a new color scheme. Nike React Element 55 The overall body is a gradient blue with a white midsole and the side of the Swoosh in white for a refreshing feel. It is worth mentioning that this color matching upper is made of mesh fabric. It is not a translucent flap upper. You can choose this pair of running shoes in winter.

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The University of Florida may not be as familiar as the North Carolina University or the University of Oregon, but the Florida Alligator is also in the first echelon of the NCAA League. The PE series created by Jordan Brand is the collection that the sneakers dream of. This time, Jordan Brand designed a pair of Air Jordan 4 PE versions for the Florida Alligator team. The details are absolutely full of details. The shoes are decorated with gorgeous royal blue suede, and the tongue is complemented by warm colors. The Knicks color is both visual and the Jumpman Logo is replaced by the Florida Alligator team logo. . It is worth mentioning that the lace buckle and the midsole also add splashing details, and finally the end of the ice blue outsole is absolutely eye-catching.

Tokyo fashion brand have a good time is about to welcome the second collaboration with Adidas Sport Sneakers. This time there are still footwear products, this time after the last Samba model, this time is the more popular classic shoe type adidas Superstar 80s. It will be officially released on January 19th, presenting the most classic and versatile white-black color, with iconic have a good time elements on the tongue, lining and sole.

With the popularity of OFF-WHITE x Nike, Blazer is a classic retro basketball shoe that has once again become a popular shoe for everyone! Recently, the official website ushered in the Chinese New Year's Day. The theme of the new color is on the shelves. Nike Blazer Low CNY has launched two black and white color schemes for men and women. The details are all made in the traditional Chinese folklore “Hundreds of Clothes” and decorated with gold accents. Comes with two laces, a pure white minimalist classic, a hundred dresses to dress up festive and lively!

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Nike Air Jordan Shoes is arguably the best sneaker in the world, and the upcoming Air Jordan 33 “University Red” color version adds a touch of luxury. Air Jordan 33 University Red is dominated by a red color with black accents, which is different from the regular version. The rhombic pattern blessing adds to the overall luxury. The biggest highlight is the newly developed FastFit fastening system. The functional technology not only has the appearance of hard sci-fi, but the perfect wrapping feeling and the tightly adjustable tightness in actual combat can reflect the practical significance of this technology!

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,In the past year, Nike M2K Tekno has stood out from many old shoes with retro shoes and good price/performance ratio. Recently, several new color schemes are coming soon. The newly released Nike M2K Tekno is a blend of corduroy fabric and textured rubber, giving the entire pair of shoes a richer shade, while allowing you to wear these shoes in winter for good warmth. Linen is the perfect match for winter, plus the look of old-fashioned shoes, making these shoes very exciting.

Following the release of the Yeezy 350 V2 “Static” at the end of last year, the Yeezy series only revealed the new color of the Yeezy 700 at the beginning of this year, but the Yeezy 350 V2 has not been moving. However, earlier today, the sneakers broke the account yeezymafia, and exposed a new pair of adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Clay, and the attached text will soon be available for sale. The overall color scheme is quite similar to “sesame” and continues Kanye's favorite earth color look. However, whether it is the woven pattern of the upper or the translucent stripes, the overall specification should be based on “Static”. It is worth mentioning that the midsole and the heel pull ring are decorated with the annual color scheme “Coral Orange”. Kanye has never presented such an exaggerated contrast design in the Yeezy 350 V2. However, the Yeezy 350 V2 “Clay” has not yet released the official release information. According to the current trend, this year, the Yeezy series is likely to introduce a variety of new colors for the “Static” shoe type, and look forward to the subsequent color matching brought by Kanye.

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