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In the past two years, 2019 Mens Jordans has never been more popular, not only the frequent demonstrations of the stars, but also the streets and alleys. Earlier, I had exposed a pair of black and yellow toe high-top OG shoes, which allowed many players to plant grass. Recently, a pair of Air Jordan 1 low has also been replaced by a similarly dressed network. Air Jordan 1 low black yellow is based on light gray. The front side of the shoe and the Swoosh Logo are black, and the back side is bright yellow, highlighting the black and yellow toe color theme. At the same time, the outsole is also shown in yellow, echoing the color of the upper, exuding vitality, and more suitable for spring and summer wear style. The upper is finished with a textured fur, and the Jumpman Logo and the “23” lettering on the tongue and insole are accented in red. The pleasing color and high-grade materials can be foreseen!

Yeezy Boost 700 has always been known as the old sneakers in the Yeezy collection, but the previous color schemes are all dressed in bright or fresh tones, and there is no strong vintage charm. But the exposure media Yeezy Mafia first revealed a new retro color scheme for the first time, and said it will be released next month. The Yeezy Boost 700 upper is presented in a gray tone of the ancestors, quite a feeling of vintage running shoes such as New Balance. The beige midsole simulates the effect of oxidation of old shoes, making the whole more chronological. It is the most retro color of the Yeezy 700, and it will definitely bring more possibilities to the hipsters.

As a long-established skateboarding line in the Nike lineup, the Nike SB has indeed declined in recent years. However, after the Nike SB Dunk of various colors of purple lobster and panda pigeons was released, the skateboard line Nike SB returned to the sight of the sneaker players. In order to get the "big brother" in the Nike lineup back to the heat of the year, Nike naturally has to help him. This time, Nike found the Air Jordan 1 and Nike SB, which have the highest volume of their own topics. They are inspired by the NBA's well-known team Los Angeles Lakers' purple gold jersey, which combines skateboarding culture with basketball culture. Based on the most classic Air Jordan 1 year shoe model, the shoes are dressed in large white and purple colors. Under the golden embellishment of the upper and Swoosh, the full Lakers have a sense of sight. In addition, the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 series also has a “Light Bone” color scheme, which is full of OG in black, white and gray. At the same time, the Nike SB Logo is also used to show the joint status at the tongue. The details are very elegant. It is worth mentioning that if you want to interpret the personality, the two color schemes actually hide the shaving details. The original color of the upper is erased to reveal the opposite color, matching with your own personality symbol!

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Nike Air Force 1 welcomes a more sci-fi Air Force 1 Utility Mid new look! The Nike Air Force 1 Utility Mid upper features a classic, highly recognizable white and black lychee contrast with a jelly outsole. The biggest highlight is that the traditional shoelace design is abolished, and the three-way function strap is used to display the Velcro. It not only has excellent high street attributes, but also the SF-AF1 text logo, which makes the AF1 classic look new!

Recently, two Yeezy 700s are on sale, but as the weather gets warmer, everyone is looking forward to the more breathable and refreshing Yeezy 350 series. Recently, a video with a large amount of information appeared on the network, and exposed a number of new adidas Yeezy 350 V2 products, including two fluorescent colors that Grandpa had once produced. In order to marry her daughter, Kanye promised to create a Yeezy 350 V2 that would shine, and then exposed the two colors of fluorescent green and fluorescent orange. Earlier, there were also reports that the two models will be released this spring. It seems that these two are in the video. Continued this year's side through design, presumably very suitable for spring and summer wear. In addition to this, there is a classic black copper color to reappear, which may indicate that the early color scheme will soon return. There is also a pure black dress Yeezy 700 V2 debut.

Jordans 2019 Shoes With the approach of Air Max Day, Nike has also brought a lot of rare colors! Previously, it was only exposed on the Internet. Today's heart-warming Mars theme color matching Nike Air Max 90 Mars Landing usher in official map exposure! The body of the shoe is dominated by orange and black, and is presented in a seamless body of this size. The tongue and heel are decorated with silver to create a classic atmosphere for spacecraft landing. Finally, with a black ink in the midsole and a jelly outsole, the overall performance is delicate and very visually stretched!

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The Air Max 95 is definitely a must-have item in the OG shoe sneakers. Whether it's commuting or going out, this pair of retro running shoes is absolutely classic. With the arrival of spring and summer, Nike has once again launched a lot of flamboyant color matching for Air Max 95. The Volt Solar Red will soon be on sale. Black and white shoes, with fluorescent green, rose powder two-tone gradient embellishment, echoes with the midsole gas column, very recognizable, very suitable for spring and summer.

Jordans 2019 Shoes update the new Air Max 720, which was just launched at the beginning of the year, has won the praise of many shoe fans with its exaggerated full-handed air cushion and awkward foot experience. In the same period, Jordan Brand designed a new Jordan Proto Max 720 shoe from this new technology. The black and red color version has been reported many times before, and a new black gold color has been exposed again. These shoes feature a gold-tone upper with black laces, velcro and more. A white midsole that complements the colorful metallic lumbar support. The transparent air cushion is matched with a milky white outsole, and the overall design is simple and clean, but also has a unique temperament.

LeBron James's strength as a basketball player is recognized by everyone, and his sensitivity to fashion trends is also appreciated by people in the industry. Previously, Nike Sneakers specially designed the LeBron 16 boots “HFR” for the upcoming Harlem's Fashion Row fashion show award ceremony in New York. The most attractive thing about the Nike LeBron 16 HFR is its unique and aggressive design! The beige leather body perfectly highlights the brown belt around the upper and the gold LBJ Logo lock, plus the golden spiral pattern of the hemp rope in the midsole, like the boots at the foot of the ancient Roman gladiator! It is worth mentioning that the domineering embossing of the heel, the remaining laces directly around the shoes, bitten by the lion's mouth, for the most explosive design highlights of the shoe! The lion embossed on behalf of the king, the LeBron who feels that the alliance is called the lion heart is indeed deserved! Although the original design was originally intended for the fashion show, the configuration is unequivocal. As with the regular version, the midsole also uses Zoom + Max Air's hybrid cushioning technology, while taking into account the sense of fashion, but also ensure that the shoes still have a strong practical ability.

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The “Wings” color scheme is one of the most popular themes in the Air Jordan series. After the Air Jordan 12, Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 5, the Air Jordan 4, which is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year, has also ushered in the first exposure of the “Wings” color scheme. This color scheme was created for Jordan Brand's “Jordan Wings” charity project. Since 2015, the program has provided university full scholarships for more than 200 students from all over the United States, so it can be said that this color scheme is a charity theme. Air Jordan 4 Wings Black Blue is based on black, and the upper is made of lychee leather. The lace buckle, lining, outsole and logo are embellished in blue, which is somewhat similar to the previous black and blue motorcycle color. The midsole and heel also feature a yellow-blue two-tone splash design that reminds me of the classic Lenny High School theme in the Air Jordan series. Compared to the previous “Wings” color scheme, this design is very low-key, and the “Wings” element is only displayed on the tongue and insole font.

Stepping into 2019, the crazy momentum of Jordans 2019 Shoes will probably continue! Following the early harvest of the Lake Green Air Air Jordan 1 “Turbo Green”, there will be a pair of new heavyweights coming soon this month. Inspired by Joe's favorite Italian sports car, the Air Jordan 1 Defiant Couture blends the racing stripes into the body of the shoe. The bold and black-colored contrasting atmosphere not only highlights the heritage and passion of the Italian sports car culture, but also the well-inspired Banned Air. Jordan 1 is quite like it! Large black leather with a worn out midsole, striking red racing stripes around the inside and outside of the shoe, covering the entire Swoosh. The classic color scheme creates a high degree of visual recognition. If nothing unexpected, I am afraid it will be a pair of Air Jordan 1 that will be snapped up.

Adidas Sneakers release the adidas Yeezy 700 Salt recreates the popular “Sea Salt” theme on the Yeezy 500, retaining eye-catching 3M reflections, whether it's refreshing vibrant tones or comfortable soft feet, in both new grandfathers Can have it at one time! It is reported that the volume of this double salt color will be 1/5 ~ 1/4 of the first OG color matching, of course, less than the second color Mauve, I am afraid it is not difficult to start. At present, the pre-sale price of the male gold code is 3000, and the female code is more expensive. The basic price is about 3,500 yuan. If the original price can be grabbed, it is still very valuable.

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Recently, an Air Force 1 called jelly pudding color is very popular among girls. As the regular color matching market price has reached $199, it is not difficult to get started. After the light yellow color matching, there is another pink version of the girl who has appeared recently, and the girls have new choices. The Nike Air Force 1 Pink upper is decorated in pink, which is more beautiful than the previous one, so it will be favored by girls. Swoosh Logo The Swoosh Logo is still a three-dimensional transparent jelly texture with a light blue to pink gradient effect, quite a bit of the South Coast. The tongue tag is also made of transparent rubber, echoing Swoosh. The pink color matching with the crystal clear jelly Logo embellished, the girl's heart burst, the sisters may wish to find out.

With its new FastFit fastening system and sci-fi styling, the 2019 Mens Jordans is unique among many practical sneakers. Recently, a new color matching Air Jordan 33 exposure. The Air Jordan 33 features a very cool color scheme with a white tones, a grey nubuck and a creamy midsole, and a fresh, fresh air. The details are orange and fluorescent green, and there are a few OW joint names. The Jump Logo of the tongue and the Nike Swoosh at the heel also use colorful processing, which is quite delicate. The biggest bright spot is undoubtedly that the lines on the upper are like the design of the drawing, which is full of playfulness.

I believe that the news of the recent departure of Yeezy sneakers has been heard. However, since the unprecedented mass release at the end of last year, Yeezy's full range of sneakers have returned to low-key this year. It has been two months since 2019, but the new Yeezy has not been released. Although in early January, the well-known sneakers account yeezymafia had exposed three new adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Hypersapce color schemes, but there is still no specific release news. Previously, only the renderings were exposed, but in the network recently, the two colors of “Clay” and “Hypersapce” have physical illustrations. The “Clay” color scheme is presented in Kanye's favorite earth color upper with a large area of ​​coral orange. The color is bright and gives a strong visual impact. The “Hyperspace” color scheme is light gray with a raw rubber outsole, and the texture is relatively fresh. It is similar to the “Ice Blue” and “Sea Salt” colors that were released last year. In the end, the “True Form” is mainly dark gray in a large area, and a layer of coral orange is embellished on the bottom edge of Boost with a splash of ink. The heel shoes are echoed with the color of the midsole, and the overall color is very bright. Also known by players as the "Gray Orange 3.0" color scheme.

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Nike Air Force 1 has always been the classic series of Nike's long-lasting, almost a pair of shoes for golfers. This is enough to show that the shoes are popular and popular. Recently, a new pair of Air Force 1 High officially debuted. The highlight of this pair of colors is the tribute to the pair of first-year color schemes that Air Force 1 launched in 1982. Nike Air Force 1 High OG White shoes are mainly white, and Swoosh and midsole are light gray accents. In detail, it is different from the white gray Air Force 1 High of the first year. The outer year of the first year is gray, and the new color is pure white.

2019 Mens Jordans will shift from the CNY series to the upcoming Valentine's Day collection. In the following week, the Valentine's Day color of the major brands is definitely a big attraction in the sneaker circle. After we reported the Converse Valentine's Day series yesterday, adidas also interpreted Valentine's Day design inspiration in its own classic sneaker Superstar. The adidas Superstar Valentine’s Day gold standard with pure white shoes is designed to pay tribute to the classic style. The red Valentine's love of the most Valentine's Day is presented on the outside of the shoe body, but it is cut by the iconic “three-bar” and has a playful design.

Tomorrow is the first day of February, and many good shoes will be on sale at Nike Sneakers website. Including the Air Max 720 two first color, "People's Edition ACW" pure black Nike Zoom Vomro 5 and the all-star theme Air Force 1. If you like these shoes, be sure to set the alarm clock in advance! This year's Air Max 720 not only extends the extra-thick air cushion to the forefoot, but also refreshes the Nike air cushion record with a thickness of 38 mm. Feeling really awkward after going to the feet, friends who want to experience may wish to start in the first time! The first color match is purple with a gradient midsole, and the sci-fi is mysterious. The female model is the main theme of the lake green, which is even more fresh.

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If you want to take stock of this year's "most popular" CNY Chinese New Year theme sneakers, the Air Jordan 12 CNY theme of the 100-piece clothing will definitely occupy the first and second ranking! Although the volume is large, but because of the superior quality, it is impossible to stop the fans from buying. The classic color of black and white, coupled with the gorgeous blessing of the gold buckle, the effect of tearing open the upper is even more irresistible! In terms of playability and personality, it is also ranked very high in new shoes in recent years. We also demonstrated the gameplay of the upper before, on the one hand is the oversized Jumpman Logo, on the other side is the oversized Swoosh anti-hook, the visual impact of the upper foot is absolutely perfect!

2019 Mens Jordans update the Air Jordan 4 is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. It is sure to have a big wave of new and beautiful colors! As one of the new members of the Air Jordan 4 family, KAWS's co-branded partnerships have maintained a very high popularity in the past two years, both in the first year's gray-skin color matching and last year's black-skin color matching. It is a low-key and trendy art collection.

The new Yeezy in 2019 has slowly surfaced via Jordans 2019 Shoes. Yesterday we reported that the three semi-transparent "translucent" Yeezy 350 Boost V2 will be released in the spring, and the "Rainbow" color that appeared before in Grandpa's Showroom. I am afraid there is also the possibility of sale! The most interesting thing is that this peach color is in front of you. Although in theory, you can buy the pure white Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Cream White”, and then customize the printing and dyeing into any color, but the official works are always different. In 2018, the volume of goods has been greatly enlarged. What kind of rhythm and style will Yeezy be in 2019? There are currently no official news.

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It seems that this year's sneakers still can't escape the "Devil's Palm" of Air Jordan 1! Today, we just ushered in the release of the first Air Jordan 1 in 2019, and another new color scheme has surfaced! Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Sail Red uses an extraordinarily vibrant white and red color. The white leather upper is complemented by red details and car lines. It also has a "two yuan" brush style! Flying wing logo, tongue embroidery label, this classic element is available, standard OG first year details. It will be officially released on March 16th, whether it is directly on the foot to cater to the bright sunshine in spring, or used for custom-made shoes, all of them are of good quality!

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Since the second half of last year, there have been a number of Foamposite foam materials to create the AF1 debut, and this time it is a high-top style! The Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite Cup NA “Red” is not only a unique bubble material, but also a dazzling all-red dress. Even the AF1 high-top shoe-shaped ankle straps are preserved. Although it is a pure red tone, the gloss effect of the upper and the matching of different materials still have a good visual level.

In addition to the recent Tianjin spray theme, the Nike Sneakers brings us another surprise Nike Air Max 98, which is the white and red color. Similar to the Supreme sky-price co-branded style, this pair of Nike Air Max 98 is decorated with vibrant red in a white background. It is absolutely versatile and full of energy, making it easy to create a vibrant and energetic effect.

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Jordans 2019 Shoes,The spring and summer season with the Nike Air Max 97 is a very good choice, cool shoes, colorful color matching, super-feel effect. Recently, there is a new color matching Nike Air Max 97 Bio Beige official release. This color-matched upper is very special, made of pale pink crocodile-like material, and the wavy pattern is stitched with nylon fabric, which can be seen as a red full palm Max air cushion.

2019 Sneakers Release I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with Zoom Fly shoes. With excellent foot feel and unique flap upper design, they have won the favor of many sneaker players, and recently there is a new color release. This color is very eye-catching, the overall body is made of blue and white in a large area, and the upper is designed with Mini Swoosh hooks, adding a lot of detail to the shoes. The insole is bright red. When you are not on the foot, you can see the color inside through the upper.

2019 Mens Jordans After the downturn in the early 2019, this week, there will be a number of heavy-duty sneakers to be sold in succession. You have to grab a lot of shoes this week. This week, the Nike Dunk SB Low Panda Pigeon has the highest level of attention. The Air FOG 1 that was not released at the end of last year is still very popular. Fear Of God x Nike is one of the most important co-branded series last year, but whether it is early exposure or INNERSECT on-site sale, They are all displayed in black and gray. However, only the black basketball version of Air FOG 1 is currently on sale, but it can be seen that everyone is actually looking forward to the gray version. However, the gray version of the Air FOG 1 will be officially ushered in this Saturday. I am sure that you will wait for the gray version of the shoe fans to be able to pick up their hands a few years ago. During the New Year, wear these shoes and watch the eye-catching attributes! At the same time, the Swoosh's simple version of the Air FOG Shoot Around black and gray color will also be released at the same time, this week will be released three pairs of Fear of God joint name, which one do you prefer.

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Nike Sport Sneakers has released the black and white Air Force 1 that has just been released in his personal Instagram Story, and notes that the cooperation between OFF-WHITE and Nike seems to be coming to an end. Overnight, in the fermentation of the news and the speculation of the fans, the prices of many shoes in the past have taken off in the resale market. Such a real reaction is not only reminiscent of "every pair of shoes that have been released since then, may be the joint end of the work." Recently, the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 90 “Desert Ore” color scheme, which has been released many times, is finally coming to the market with great attention. The first pair of New Year's shoes in the Air Max 90 wheat color scheme is paired with this year's popular color "Coral Orange" and light blue. The iconic Swoosh Logo and the heel deconstruction, the upper and the tongue are made of nylon, and the rest are made of suede. In general, it is still a pair of shoes with the combination of OFF-WHITE x Nike. The upper foot effect will be very good and worth looking forward to. It is worth mentioning that this time, like the OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1, the children's shoes will be sold in the same period. The overall design is basically the same as the adult model, and the feeling of roundness is very cute. If you have a baby, you can prepare a pair in advance. If you don't have it, you can buy it as a small key chain. It is very delicate!

At the end of last year, Air Jordan 11 "Concord" returned to the game after seven years. It was absolutely shocking to the whole sneaker circle. In order to express a tribute to these shoes, all the stars also got on the Air Jordan 11 various PE color matching, Drake more I personally got a pair of ultimate goods! Since Drake and Jordan Brand have returned to last year, they have started to play a variety of PE color matching, which definitely makes a lot of sneaker players envious. Unlike the Air Jordan 11 Low “Green Snake” and “Powder” versions, the Air Jordan 11 Snakeskin uses OG high-top shoes. The iconic black patent leather is rendered in crepe leather, and the visual performance is more luxurious and elegant. From the specifications of light blue outsole and large patent leather, it is definitely the product born last year.

First exposed on Monday, the Air Jordan Retro 1 High OG Crimson Tint in front of this pair of ice cream is not a small concern, and today released a new physical picture! Pink theme Air Jordan 1 is quite rare in our impressions. The last time it appeared or was released on the yacht of the Basel Art Show in 2017, the dirty powder AJ1, due to the scarce quantity, has now exceeded the 20,000 yuan mark. This pair of shoes with black lychee skin with a refreshing nude powder, simple white background, and finally the same color of the pink outsole. Although it is OG's nine-hole shoe type, but the traditional retro temperament, the bright color of the creation, showing a bright and vibrant atmosphere, I believe that the eye-catching index will not be low!

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Nike Air Jordan Sneakers During the rumor that Drake and Nike broke up last year, they exposed a black and red Air Jordan 4 with a splash effect for Drake. As the storm subsides, it is reported recently that this color scheme is likely to be released at the beginning of this year, but Drake's exclusive OVO version will not be commercially available. The shoes are quite classic black and red, and the midsole and logo part of the heel are decorated with red and white splatters to add a personality index to the shoes. Previously exposed version of the Sample for Drake, followed by OVO's Owl logo on the inside of the shoe, but it is reported that this version is not commercially available, currently available only at Flight Club, asking for $12,500, the commercial version should only be the same color .

Last year, Pharrell's cooperation with adidas was almost uninterrupted, and there will be a new release every month. It can be said that the harvest has been a successful year. At the beginning of the new year, Pharrell will naturally not miss the traditional Spring Festival and release the new color palette Pharrell x adidas Solar Hu Chinese New Year. This time, based on adidas Solar Hu, the upper is decorated with the words "Hu" and "Fu" in the left and right feet. I don't know if it is a foreign transliteration or a domestic dialect. This design can be said to be very heart-warming. Now! The main colors are black, red and white, the laces, the tongue logo and the partial gold accents, followed by the reserved triangle Hu Logo.

Adidas Originals launched the retro-inspired Dad Shoes adidas Yung-96 last year, which is popular for its high cost performance and the most popular retro look. Recently, there is a new color with a rather fancy color. Black and gray as the main color, decorated with three colors of yellow, orange and green, giving a rather fancy appearance. At the same time, the choice of three colors and the application of mesh, suede and other materials make the style still retro.