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With the introduction of two Air Max 98s in the Nike CNY series, it seems that this classic air-cushion running shoes has to return to everyone's attention. Although it was only available at the original price when it was released, the recent price rebound also reflected This pair of shoes is also very popular in the market. The Nike Air Max 98 Pumice has a coral-pink look with a nubuck wrap on the heel and a deep pink leather wrap on the side to enhance the stability of the body. As Valentine's Day approaches, it is also a good choice to start with such a pink sneaker.

In the previous name with the fashion brand Martine Rose, the Nike dad shoes Air Monarch 4 tried a bolder design. In addition, 2019 Mens Jordans is also ushered in a practical functional evolution in the near future, with a plus version, so that even if it is cold, it will not freeze! The body is dominated by pure white, with an orange accent on the heel and an ice blue outsole. It is fresh and has a winter atmosphere. The lining is made of lamb velvet with a thick leather upper and the feet should have good warmth. The tongue and heel are embroidered with ice and snow motifs to highlight the identity of the winter exclusive shoes.

Last year, Air Jordan 1 Mid released a number of OG color matching shoes, such as “Little Black Red”, “Small Buckle” and even “Little Leonard”. 2019 Sneakers Release is like the Gospel of the New Century in the eyes of many fans who like OG color matching but overpriced. Probably because the price of the Air Jordan 1 OG color matching is too high, the shoe fans are second to none. The demand for the Air Jordan 1 Mid series has increased, and the resale market price has risen all the way. Recently, there is a new color matching Air Jordan 1 Mid “Adds Paint” official release. This color is based on white and cyan, and the canvas of the upper and heel is decorated with a South Coast-style green splash and a bright pink flying logo.

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With its comfortable feet and lightweight materials, adidas Pure Boost has become one of the most important options in the list of running shoes for many city runners. Recently, adidas released 2019 new upgraded adidas Pure Boost. Continue to use the full palm Boost and knit upper combination, the forefoot widening provides a more comfortable wearing experience, further weight loss design, resulting in a more lightweight long-distance running experience! The first black and white color matching makes the daily matching easy, taking care of daily commuting and sports wear! The most notable upgrade of this appearance is undoubtedly the use of elastic mesh engraving design. The heel stabilizer and the adidas three lines all have a strong three-dimensional effect, which makes the simple upper give off a strong sense of fashion.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes Just beginning in 2019, we ushered in the signature boots of this year's first superstars, Jordan Why Not Zer0.2. With such high attention, in addition to the aura of Jordan Brand and Westbrook, bold colors and unprecedented design are key. The official name for this pair of heads is Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 “Future History”. Xiao Bian’s understanding is that these shoes are built for the future, but also contain rich stories and meanings. As the second generation of Wei Shao's boots, Why Not Zer0.2 and the generation can be said to be different, except for the same Wei Shao signature shoes, it is almost impossible to find the same design language. You may rarely see that the same two stars of the same star will have such a big difference. It should be said that Why Not Zer0.2 has made a completely subversive change. Because some people say that Why Not Zer0.1 was not designed for Wei Shao at first, but because of the hasty decision, Jordan Brand has selected a pair as the first generation among the many shoes that have been developed and will be released soon. Signed boots.

With the rise of the retro running shoes trend, the new technology and color matching are constantly iterating, so that some very classic shoes are renewed with new brilliance. Recently, a new color matching Nike Air Max 90 is available in high-profile, and the extraordinary texture is amazing! This pair of shoes is a Chinese red color, which coincides with the Lunar New Year, with a very strong New Year holiday temperament. The forefoot upper and ankle collar are similar to crocodile skin, and the white classic Air Max Logo is embellished on the side and heel. At first glance, it looks extremely luxurious, and at a glance, the texture is extraordinary!