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The Air Max 97 is an evergreen shoe in the Nike series. The rise of the retro trend in the past two years has made this shoe even more popular. Recently, a new pair of Nike Air Max 97 is on sale. Inspired by the blue spray, the Nike Air Max 97 QS Foamposite shoe features a similar metallic leather with the same white Swoosh Logo embellishment. The black carbon fiber pattern also echoes the blue sprayed carbon plate and is also paired with clear crystal. bottom. The round logo on the tongue also uses the same design elements as the blue spray, and the reduction is extremely high. The blue and black color schemes are handsome and full of classic retro shoes, which is very suitable for everyday wear.

Since its introduction the Nike Air Max 720 has been highly praised for its endless color matching and comfortable foot. Recently, a new color scheme is coming soon. This new color scheme is similar to the Air Jordan 1 Mid launched some time ago, using the same "Nos Differences Nous Unissent" as the theme design. The overall upper is made of pure white mesh material, which ensures the breathability of the shoes when worn, and as a small white shoe, it is very suitable for the upcoming summer. The dark blue Swoosh on the side is particularly eye-catching, and the design of the contrast is just right. The fully exposed Air Max air cushion is designed with white dots and printed with the words “NOS DIFFERENCES”, meaning “our differences bring us together”, reflecting the designer's theme of advocating unity. The white heel is paired with dark blue polka dots and Swoosh design, which is very eye-catching.

Nike Air Force 1 has always been a popular hot shoe with its classic versatile shape and a variety of color schemes. Recently, an Air Force 1 with a Puerto Rican color scheme was exposed. The shoes are based on white, complemented by large-scale color patterns, with a clear crystal outsole, matching colors and eye-catching, and very versatile. Interestingly, the tongue and heel PR are also designed with a contrasting color. The insole is also printed with a green frog pattern and full of details.

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Since the Blue Snake Air Jordan 11 Low exposure, it has become one of the must-read shoes for this year! After 18 years, I will debut again. Whether it is a long-lost ornate snake pattern, or a low-cut style that is more suitable for the moment, plus the handsome value of the Air Jordan 11 shoe type, it will make it a star in the spring and summer streets! The first sale will be traced back to 2001, and this time it is also the first time that it has returned. Whether it is a unique gorgeous temperament or a long-lost high popularity, it is naturally expected by players! Different from the conventional patent leather material, the body of the shoe is blue python texture, which is definitely the most unique presence in the Air Jordan 11 color matching! Black and blue not only have a gorgeous and noble style, but also a unique material to show the wild fashion temperament.

2019 Mens Jordans,Regardless of how the trend changes, Pharrell Williams and adidas' joint sneakers can always attract the attention of many sneaker players. At the beginning of last month, the new Human Made x adidas SolarHu Glide was exposed in GQ France. Earlier today, Human Made, the leader of Human Made, also personally took photos of the shoes on personal Instagram. The pure white body is presented with the iconic Human Made Logo, but the red color of the past is changed to a blue dress.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,In 2019, the 20th anniversary of Air Max Tailwind 4, the previous Supreme x Air Max Tailwind 4 joint name, let this pair of shoes regain everyone's attention. Recently, another new color matching Nike Air Max Tailwind 4 will be available soon. On the white upper, the functional areas of the shoe are divided by black stripes. The small Swoosh logo on the toe is echoed by the heel fluorescent yellow logo. The side is embellished with a gradient of yellow-green stripes, and the midsole is echoed by a fluorescent yellow air cushion. The overall texture is full of retro style, and the bright color matching may make many shoe fans pay for it.

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Although the popularity of Air Jordan 1 has declined after the temperature has warmed up, it is mentioned that the Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 will be released at the end of this year. I am afraid that it has already been included in this year's must-buy list. After the physical and renderings that have been exposed many times before, earlier today, the well-known sneakers broke the account zsneakerheadz and released a new rendering, and updated the release date. This black and orange-based crushing series is no stranger to shoe fans. In the rendering of this update, it is not difficult to see that the mid-bottom of the Air Jordan 1 ShatteredBackboard 3.0 is yellower than the previous two editions, showing an oxidation effect that fits well with Jordan Brand's old-fashioned philosophy this year. The most important thing for everyone is the material of the shoe. The effect picture released this time, whether it is the imprinted Air Jordan Logo, or the unique gloss, the Air Jordan 1 ShatteredBackboard 3.0 will probably be replaced with a patent leather upper.

2019 Mens Jordans, the new copper bubble Nike Air Foamposite Pro Hyper Crimson was officially released. Recently, cityblueshop and sneakerpolitics two shoe stores have brought a new look and physical picture, which makes people more tempted after reading. As a classic member of the metal bubble series, it was finally born in 2012. After seven years, it will finally return to a new look, so many bubble-stricken players are looking forward to it. The continuation of the classic is that this time still uses the charming copper color tone, combined with the foamed upper to show the fascinating metallic color effect in different light, with the black three-dimensional Swoosh, bringing the same low-key as other metal-based bubbles. Luxurious texture. At the same time, the return has also undergone no small changes. The first is to add orange embellishment to the details to enhance the identification of the whole pair of shoes; the biggest difference is that the outsole is changed to a black outsole, also with orange, to avoid oxidation problems. At the same time, it also caters to the overall calm tone.

2019 Sneakers Release,Each new pair of adidas Yeezy series has touched the hearts of many shoe lovers. This year, in addition to the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 and Yeezy Boost 700, a new pair of new adidas Yeezy Desert Boot Rock will be officially launched. . The new shoe-shaped upper is similar to the Yeezy 500 and looks like a pair of high-profile Yeezy 500. The overall style is purely light khaki, the upper is made of suede and mesh material, and the 3M reflective strip on the tongue is particularly eye-catching. Equipped with a very thick sole, the texture of the outsole is extremely simple and does not seem to be worn as an outdoor shoe. Designed on the basis of retro old shoes, it has a strong military and functional atmosphere. It is definitely the iconic style of the grandfather. I don’t know how everyone evaluates this pair of shoes.

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At the beginning of the exposure, the "Black Toe" Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Crimson Tint not only reproduces the Black Toe black toe design, the sultry black powder dress, and the textured lychee leather. Add a lot of points! These shoes are paired with black and flesh-and-pink, and the tongue label, flying wing logo and Swoosh are all rendered in an anti-hue style, striking and energetic. While highlighting the classic sporty temperament of Air Jordan 1, there is also a good fashion experience, definitely a new generation of street eye-catching artifacts!

Jordans 2019 Shoes,The famous sneaker shop atmos once again joined hands with Nike, inspired by the Nike sportswear of the 1990s, and presented the visual effect of “Pencil”. Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light upper also incorporates a transparent material "armor" design to cater to the PVC transparent fashion trend, but also has a handsome line that looks like "mechanical"! This pair of atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light will be expected tomorrow, the eye-catching effect of the upper foot is also expected, each different angle has different visual effects, whether it is color tone or pattern texture, it is extremely varied and dynamic, absolutely Is the favorite of individual players!

2019 Sneakers Release,The 3 silk-themed Air Force 1 suddenly fell, making the wallet unpredictable! Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Premium 3 Pale Ivory In addition to blue and orange, the white ones have the feel of CLOT white silk. The Nike Air Force 1 '07 Premium 3 features the same shoe style as the CLOT, with a delicate floral texture on the upper. This series of satin uppers should not be torn off, and there is no CLOT co-branded leather lining, but the visual effect and the upper foot effect, I am afraid it is very close!

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2019 Mens Jordans transplanted the Air Max 720 full air cushion sole to the classic basketball shoe "Air AIR" Air More Uptempo. In addition to the air cushion, the AIR Logo also appeared in a bolder image. This brand will be this Air More Uptempo 720 brings a new color scheme "University Red". The shoe body is mainly made of breathable mesh material. The red color is used as the main tone. The shoes are white and big "AIR MAX" with the white air cushion. The flamboyant design is more eye-catching. Nike Air More Uptempo 720 "University Red" shoes will be available at the designated Nike retail point in the next few weeks, priced at $200.

2019 Sneakers Release,As the weather gets warmer, everyone is looking forward to the more breathable and refreshing Yeezy 350 series, coupled with the recently launched Yeezy Asian limited fire, everyone is looking forward to the next release of the Yeezy 350 V2. In order to marry her daughter, kanya promised to create a Yeezy 350 V2 that will glow, and then produce two color schemes of fluorescent green and fluorescent orange. Recently, more high-definition physical maps of fluorescent series have been transmitted on the Internet. The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 GID pair of shoes is decorated with fluorescent green, while using the most popular side-through design in the near future, it is also a pair of shoes suitable for spring and summer wear. The upcoming color scheme is equipped with fresh colors, and people can't help but think of macarons, plus the use of luminous soles, so that the whole pair of shoes have a high degree of eye-catching whether it is worn day or night. It is worth mentioning that the luminous sole design is only carried on the previous Yeezy 750, and it is the first time to apply to the Yeezy 350. I believe that the first pair of luminous Yeezy 350 will not be too difficult to get started.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,The Fear of God x Nike series won the praise of many shoe fans after the launch of the first color match last year. Recently, the principal Jerry Lorenzo officially announced the number of shoes planned for this summer. Air Fear of God 1 is expected to release two colors, lime and coral orange. Unlike the original black and white and gray, these two models are in solid color regardless of the upper or the midsole. The original 3M toe cap and transparent outsole are preserved, and the overall texture is very fresh. Air Fear of God Raid is a shoe that has never been sold before. The three colors of black and white, gray and black are coming soon. Based on the classic Air Raid 2, it incorporates the simple design of Fear of God. Like the Air Fear of God, with a Zoom Air air cushion, it would be great if you think of it.

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When Hardaway coached the NCAA Memphis Tigers, 2019 Sneakers Release created a unique Air Foamposite One "Memphis Tigers" family and friends for the team. The Nike Air Foamposite One Memphis Tigers feature the Memphis Tigers' signature blue base, decorated with black tiger stripes and mysterious tones. White Swoosh Logo With white laces, the suede upper restores pure OG temperament. In fact, the shoes were inspired by the NBA’s ban on Hardaway wearing a blue spray. In the dressing room, he suddenly wondered, picked up the marker on the foamed upper to fill the black stripes, not only satisfied the regulations, but also completed a new color design.

Every year, Jordans 2019 Shoes will launch a new member for the Air Jordan, with the configuration of the top practical shoes and high attention. After the Air Jordan 33, this year's Air Jordan 34 debuted for the first time. Although there is no image exposure yet, but the five-color color code and color scheme have been exposed, I remember that the Air Jordan 33's debut was extremely mysterious last year. The new FastFit technology is inspiring and I look forward to this year's Air Jordan 34. Have better performance and value.

In recent years, many popular Air Jordan 1 series have high market prices, and 2019 Mens Jordans are fascinating. As a result, the high cost-effectiveness of the derivative Air Jordan 1 Mid has become the first choice for many shoe fans. Recently, a pure white color air Jordan 1 Mid official map was first exposed. Air Jordan 1 Mid White Patent is one of the black and white colors in the yin and yang theme. The body of the shoe is made of pure white patent leather and has a firm texture. The clean tones also present a chic layering, which is a good choice in the spring and summer seasons.

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After exposure,2019 Mens Jordans will pay more attention. This pair of black jelly Jolly Air Jordan 1 is probably the next popular spot! The pink Air Jordan 1 is quite rare. In 2017, the airborne Air Jordan 1 “Rust Pink” was released at the Art Basel in Miami. It has already broken through the 2w yuan mark, and the new product that will be released soon will undoubtedly appear. More close to the people! The Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint shoe scheme uses a black and red opaque color scheme. The large black lychee covers the body, and the toe, upper and outsole and Swoosh are pink. It is worth mentioning that this time I changed the pink color of the past, there are some jelly orange atmosphere, the effect of the foot is very refreshing, the eye-catching eye-catching dress can be described as men and women!

Last year adidas launched a series of super cost-effective old-fashioned shoes like Yung-1, Yung-96 and the girl-only Falcon. Recently, Falcon has another new fluorescent color exposure, which will be released next month. The adidas Falcon upper is spliced ??in shades of yellow, orange, pink and blue in a fluorescent hue. It is fresh and dazzling. The silver reflectors add to the eye-catching index of the shoes, and the tops are absolutely eye-catching.

The Air Max 720 series running shoes that were released in February this year can be regarded as the highest level of technology in Nike air cushion technology. The thickness is exaggerated to 38mm, which is the thickest in history. After a variety of color matching, Nike official website recently released a set of official maps of cool gray gradient color, let's take a look. The Nike Air Max 720 Cool Grey upper is made of synthetic cotton, complemented by a unique embossed grain embellishment, with a gradient of wolf ash and dark grey, and the upper foot effect must be versatile. At the same time, in the middle of the outer side of the shoe body, the Mini Swoosh embellishment is added to the design, and the midsole is complemented by the iconic design of the Air Max 720. It is a good choice for everyday wear.

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This year, 2019 Mens Jordans has launched a number of new color schemes that make players feel excited. The mid-shoes, which are more affordable, will also surprise you. The Air Jordan 1 Mid, which has a "Chicago" color scheme, is a living example. The Air Jordan 1 Mid is based on white, complemented by black Swoosh embellishments for a good visual contrast. The heel is painted in red to showcase the classic “Chicago” color scheme. The tongue label is white and red, which echoes the color of the upper. The use of materials is also very elegant, with a leather texture with delicate texture of lychee skin, no less inferior to the Air Jordan 1 OG shoes.

This year, the serpentine elements are welcoming, and the Air Jordan 11 Low will have blue snakes, pink snakes and white snakes for sale. The latest real thing in the white snake color scheme to be released in June will be released. The Air Jordan 11 Low SE Snakeskin shoe is different from the traditional nylon material. This time, it is equipped with the white buff leather of "Bunny Bugs". The classic patent leather material is changed to white and black python texture, the body and insole details are complemented by red accents, and finally the milky white jelly outsole is finished, which is both gorgeous and wild. Classic and yet refreshing Air Jordan 11 Low will become a popular shoe every summer. Will you buy this pair of white snakes this year?

In the previous two days, a pair of Mars-themed Nike Air Max 90 Mars Landing became the focus of the sneaker circle, and then the famous Japanese shoe shop atmos took the lead in bringing physical and top-notch pictures. After a lapse of 5 years, this year's Air Max 1 is again inspired by the aviation theme, the upper is rendered by the red Mars surface, the black midsole is embellished with ink details, and the silver of the tongue and heel brings a sci-fi avant-garde feel. The biggest highlight is that the entire upper is made of 3M reflective material, which presents a very different strong sci-fi atmosphere in the dark, and the overall exquisite and delicate visual impact.

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After the official launch of the "new banned" Air Jordan 1 today, there will be a pair of Air Jordan 1 new color schemes on Saturday! The Air Jordan 1 High OG Phantom, known as the "Bunny Bugs" color scheme, will be officially released on March 16. In the upper, the red leather is used. In addition, the upper line and the Swoosh edge are also red. The strong contrast with the main color of the upper outlines the sharp outline, which makes this color match a bit of a second element. The design of the lace hole material and the top line of the tongue are unprecedented, highlighting the unique specifications. The upper foot is naturally a vibrant spring selection! The combination of white and red classic tones is simple and generous, and it is especially easy to wear.

2019 Mens Jordans reported the first exposure of the Nike LeBron 16 Watch SuperBron with a "Blue Superman" color. Later, the reader wrote that the picture was taken from the real shot of Shanghai Nike 001, and Nike 001 has been sold by SMS lottery. For the CD2450-400. Today, James himself brought us a kiss, the blue main color through the body, the red Swoosh, and the yellow and white midsole effect make the shoes quite energetic and eye-catching. Compared with the previous white version, this "Blue Superman" has a more eye-catching and eye-catching effect while retaining vitality, and the recognition is further enhanced. The SNKRS in the United States was also rushed for sale, as mysterious as the sale in China, and silent.

This year, players who like snakes are blessed. There have been three snakes, the White Snake and the Pink Snake, which have been exposed to the Air Jordan 11 Low. Recently, there has been a network of serpentine sprays that have never been seen before. It is reported that it will be released next month! Nike Air Foamposite One Snakeskin is the same as the previous color spray, and the Foam foam part of the upper is painted with a large area of ??serpentine, which is full of domineering visual effects. However, the texture still retains the smooth surface of the bubble, and there is no bumpy texture of the snake skin. The neckline and instep are dressed in the most classic black, and the boot, Mini Swoosh and outsole are accented with infrared tones, giving the overall tone of black and white.

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This year, Jordan Brand plans to bring the classic Air Jordan 11 Low "Snakeskin" series back. After the news of the return of the Blue Snake was exposed early, the popular Air Jordan 11 Low Pink Snakeskin was also exposed to the sale of information and physical photos. From the physical map of the exposure, the new pink snake has a big difference from the old version. First, the new version of the serpentine part is darker in color, and the rose pink is used instead of the original pale pink. Secondly, the lining of these shoes is filled with bright pink, which is also very different from the old version of the white lining. Finally, the outsole, the old pink snake is an ice blue crystal outsole, and the new version is a milky white translucent crystal outsole. Overall, if the new generation of pink snake Air Jordan 11 Low is such a design, then the value of the pair of powder snakes does not look good.

2019 Mens Jordans,In the Lakers' game against the Nuggets yesterday, James scored 31 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists in the triple-double, completing the basketball team's Jordan regular season total score. And his pair of Nike LeBron 16 PE color matching is also very eye-catching. The color scheme is exactly the same as the Air Jordan 3 Lakers PE, whether it is the purple embellishment of the back midsole or the yellow embroidery on the tongue with the purple logo design, which is the perfect way to restore the most popular purple gold dress. The toe and heel show a black-text graffiti with a gray base, and the Air Jordan 3's iconic elephant bursts with a sense of sight. It is worth mentioning that the shoes are equipped with yellow and purple laces, and the heel of the Nike Swoosh is also embroidered. The woven upper with breathability and wrap feels with the midsole. Zoom Max cushioning technology gives Zanhuang enough confidence to dominate the arena.

With the official launch of the Yeezy Boost 700 "Salt" and "Inertia" colors, the Yeezy launch in March will also welcome a pair of new shoes that have received much attention. Earlier today, the well-known sneaker account yeezymafia officially released the Yeezy Boost 700 V2 Geode official map, and attached that the color will be on sale on March 23. It is not difficult to see from the official map that the dark brown main tone is equipped with a raw rubber outsole, which is not only more resistant to dirt or the earth color that Grandpa loves, but also makes the 3M reflective details of the shoe body more eye-catching. The Yeezy Boost 700 V2 has made a number of changes based on the original shoe type, with a more eye-catching body contour and texture design, plus a large 3M reflective brace, which is highly recognizable.

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2019 Mens Jordans With the unprecedented popularity of the Air Jordan 1 in the sneaker circle, in addition to the purest OG high-top style, the middle and low-end derivative models are also attracting attention. Yesterday's official online female model Air Jordan 1 Low Slip WMNS NRG, with the classic first-year Chicago color and unique one-legged shape, become the focus of attention! The overall shoe model is based on the low-cost Air Jordan 1 Low. It not only inherits the color scheme of the first year of White Red Chicago, but also the unique design of the shoe body. Replacing the original shoelace setting with the shoe collar snap-on method instantly transforms into a more casual temperamental heel shape, which is another derivative of the deconstructed design. The toe cap with the Mini Swoosh Logo, which was very hot last year, adds a playful touch to this new girl. The long label on the tongue is very exaggerated, with the Nike Air Logo and the Jumpman Logo, followed by the Jordan flying wing logo. In addition to this, there are hidden surprises, the 3M reflective design of the whole body, and the dazzling appearance in the low light environment, which is quite rare!

Jordans 2019 Shoes Following the launch of the black and gray Nike Air Fear of God 1 , the FOG became one of the hottest labels for the sneaker ring. Two days ago, it was rumored that friends and relatives limited Nike Air Fear of God 1 "Yellow" is expected to be commercially available. Today, there are two pairs of highly recognizable new color-matching networks. With the annual popular color coral orange and extremely refreshing mint green, the iconic upper TPU, casual lace design and high street style are all unstoppable. The material is the same as the first black, except that the toe part is made of leather, and the back side is made of fabric to ensure the comfort and enhance the breathability. The cushioning technology of the double-layer Zoom in the midsole can of course not be absent.

As early as 2015, 2019 Sneakers Release bubble series sold a pair of tiger jets Nike Air Foamposite One “Sharpie” in the form of a suit. Inspired by the NBA's ban on Hardaway wearing a blue spray, he made a whimsy, picked up the marker in the locker room, and filled the black stripe in the groove of the Foamposite One foam upper, which not only met the NBA regulations. Also completed a new color design. At the end of last year, Hardaway himself once again produced a new limited edition Tiger print on his Instagram account, this time with the theme of the NCAA Memphis Tigers he coached. Originally, these shoes were only used for internal team members and employees. There was no commercial plan. Recently, there was a sudden news that they would be released. The whole pair of shoes is dominated by black and blue, and the matte blue foam upper is printed with a glossy tiger print. White lace accents are also used in the details such as laces and Swoosh. The shoe box in the previously exposed physical picture is very special. The wooden shoe box is engraved with “Ballin’ Is What I Was Born To Do.”, which is wild and unique.

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Snakeskin Air Jordan 11 Low has always been loved by many old sneaker players. The green snakes and pink snakes have been loved by players in the past few years. As time goes by, the market is not cheap, and they all broke through the 3000 mark. This year, 2019 Mens Jordans will bring back the serpentine elements again. In addition to the previously exposed blue snake, White Snakeskin Air Jordan 11 Low is the first to emerge in the network today! From the physical picture released for the first time, the black and white snakes are used to replace the traditional patent leather material, and the shoes are also decorated with white leather. Finally, the milky white jelly bottom is finished, which shows the luxury temperament and the casual feeling. protruding!

2019 Sneakers Release With the official launch of the Air Max 720, Nike and Jordan Brand will also be launching the new Air Max cushioning shoes in the near future! Previously, Nike official website had sold a pair of black and yellow color Nike Air Max 720 Satrn, which is very popular, and has a higher price than the original price. Recently, a new white and red color has been exposed on the Internet. Equipped with the recently-launched Air Max 720 super-atmosphere pad, whether it is the eye-catching gas field creation or the soft and elastic comfort, it is very exciting! High-quality leather is also injected into the zipper and functional buckle, demonstrating the avant-garde technology experience!

As early as last year, there was a re-enactment message. The White Red Air Jordan 14 not only has a front and back Zoom and a large carbon plate, but also the last positive boots that Jordans 2019 Shoes launched during the Bulls period, both in terms of commemorative meaning and performance configuration. Let people remember it! Similar to the Ferrari's racing style, with a unique tongue and a personalized heel design, soft white leather with bright red accents, making the Air Jordan 14 a timeless classic! Last year, the black and red Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” was re-launched as a member of the “Champion 16” series, and then the same fascinating white and red color scheme will be re-released.

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Last week, the US SNKRS raid launched the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, the first super heavyweight joint-name shoe for the first time. Michael Jordan has taken the lead in the event, and the top star sneaker player DJ Khaled also received the pair of Travis Scott x Air Jordan in the first time. In the future, more and more international stars will surely come out. At the same time, the famous sneakernews website sneakernews took the lead in opening the box in recent days. The packaging is obviously different from the traditional Air Jordan 1. The overall shoe box is mainly brown. The lining paper in the shoe box is pink and printed with Travis Scott personal elements. picture of. The original leather texture of the shoes, together with the back of the brain and the upper with storage function, and the pair of shoes with 4 pairs of different color laces, enough to make it reach the first generation OFF -WHITE x The height of Air Jordan 1. The inner side of the Swoosh is complemented by a creamy white "Cactus Jack" label, and the heel is complemented by a grimace. The rich details make it particularly eye-catching.

As the most well-known Doernbecher series in the Jordans 2019 Shoes camp, with the special meaning of innocent inspirational design and charity version, it has always been the most dreamy thing for sneaker players. In fact, this year's Doernbecher series also celebrated its 15th anniversary, for which Nike will also re-enact the classic charity color that was sold in the past. However, the recent Dovernbecher Air Max 95, which was released in 2015, has a new official exposure. Like every Doernbecher color scheme, the Nike Air Max 95 Doernbecher is designed by Jacob Burris, a child with a rare heart disease. The classic black body, with an exaggerated red and blue gradient dress, the shoe body pattern is inspired by the circuit board, and connects the heart design at the heel to express the blessing of the little boy. The JB Logo, which is embellished with tongues, is a little boy designer who highlights this charity color scheme.

At the end of last year, 2019 Sneakers Release just brought us two new Nike Dunk SB products, the purple lobster and the green lobster. Just a few months later, Concepts leader Deon Point has again produced a new fluorescent yellow lobster color. In fact, Concepts has previously introduced yellow and brown-red yellow lobster color, but this time the new color is also a yellow theme, but more coquettish. The upper and the sole are decorated with fluorescent yellow and earthy yellow, which is more layered than purple lobster and green lobster. Swoosh Swoosh is still presented in metallic luster with a fluorescent yellow color.

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Since its debut in 1987, Air Max 1 has been a companion to the “waves”. Today, a new color Air Max 1 exposure. Nike Air Max 1 Outdoor Green is available in black and green, and the upper is in three shades of green, which enhances the overall color layer. The white Swoosh's makeup gives a very strong visual contrast. Black Nike Air embroidered on the heel ensures color integrity. This time, we use mesh, fur and leather to create together. With the details of the tongue label, the Nike Swoosh Logo is also presented in a leather-based finishing process, creating a luxurious atmosphere.

The Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro "81 Points" that everyone has been waiting for for a long time is finally coming. 2019 Mens Jordans With the sneaker configuration upgraded according to Kobe's wishes, coupled with the story behind the pair of shoes, the level of attention continues to rise. The upper is white with a black Swoosh Logo, and the midsole and neckline are embellished with purple. It is a representative Laker home color match, which is more fresh and smart than other colors.

The Chinese New Year Nike Air Flightposite “CNY” has been very hot since the small sale of DEAL on January 10th. Recently, Jordans 2019 Shoes official website finally released the high-profile Air Flightposite CNY specific release information. Based on the classic Air Flightposite, a gradient “100-shirt” pattern is added to the foamy upper of the muscle line. In addition to the "hands to celebrate the New Year" logo and the word "Hai Hai", the "wind" word embroidered with a small font in the heel also implies Nike's recognition of the nickname "Wind One".

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adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Tirple White, which debuted in April 2017, is definitely a good idea for many sneakers, but Kanye has had a million in September last year in order to fulfill the promise of “everyone has Yeezy to wear”. Replenishment of the cargo level, but many friends still can not grab. Recently, the official release of adidas will refill the pure white Yeezy 350 V2 on January 19th, perhaps just like its official name “Triple White”, it needs to be replenished three times. Color matching, details and other reports must have seen a lot of people, but the white shoes are just as suitable for DIY and custom. If you already have a pair, then buying a pair to customize is also a good choice.

In 2018, the popularity of Air Jordan 1 is vivid, and there are still many bright colors matching this year! In front of this pair of Air Jordan 1 WMNS Hot Punch shoes are made of soft pink lychee leather, the midsole is changed to a traditional white dress, presented in the same pink color, visually unique. What's special is that the Air Jordan's Flying Wing Logo on the upper is different from the previous embossed shape, and it is made of black and yellow plaques. Nike Swoosh with matte leather is rich and unique!

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,,The combination of Cav Empt and Nike has attracted much attention since its first exposure. Whether it's a novel design style, a unique color match, or an ingenious promo, the crowds who like C.E. are delighted. The Nike Air Max 95 navy blue and white color combinations will be released in the near future. These two pairs of shoes are stitched uppers made of leather with nylon fabric and the upper pattern is digital camouflage.