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Richard Mille RM 37 watches cheap
Created: 7 month(s) ago

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Richard Mille RM 56-02 Tourbillon Sapphire

Full sapphire miracle with clever sport suspension system.

Back at SIHH 2012, Richard Mille introduces the RM 056, a time-secondized tourbillon watch with a full sapphire case. It's priced at $1.65 million, and it's getting a lot. Then there is the updated RM 56-01, which adds a sapphire backplane, bridge and third round, adding a bet. Ok, today we created another weird sapphire product for Richard Mille, RM56-02. In addition to adding more sapphire to the mixture, Richard Mille also used the RM 27-01 Nadal watch to hang the blue titanium base plate on the sapphire case with a sophisticated cable and pulley system. And price? You must continue reading to find the answer.

The RM 56-02 has two main innovations: first, the use of sapphire to make transparent components like never before; second, the movement of the cable and pulley system with a sapphire case. We will solve these problems in order.

This three-piece case is made entirely of sapphire crystal, and if you need to be reminded, the surface is very hard and scratch resistant. These performances bring a lot of manufacturing difficulties. The RM 56-02 case must be milled and ground with sapphire. Any mistake can cause the part to crack, which means it must be scrapped, the new one starting from the square. It takes 40 days of all-weather processing to make a RM 56-02 casing - this is absolutely crazy for 960 hours for a casing. The Sapphire Bridge takes an extra 400 hours, which means nearly 1,500 hours of sapphire processing in a watch. Yes, it's totally crazy, but it's hard not to be HYT H1 ICEBERG2 148-TT-21-BF-RW replica watch

This was followed by the implementation of the cable and pulley system originally created by the RM 27-01 Nadal watch. The 5th grade titanium substrate (not all sapphire here, remember) passes through the four pulley systems on the housing and the other 6 suspensions on the base plate, all secured together with a .35mm braided cable. The ratchet at 9 o'clock allows you to adjust the tension on the cable, and the arrow indicator at 12 o'clock lets you know if you are within normal tolerances. It seems that only sapphire cases and components are not enough, they must be connected as if they belong to the International Space Station. Because, you know, of course.

Amanda Mille Bey, daughter of Richard Mille, wearing RM037 with integrated bracelet

If you haven't noticed, we spent the incredible Dubai Watch Week in Dubai in the past week. There are many things to do and see (more on this later), but watches and people are of course the highlight of travel. We have seen almost all the watches you can think of, from Moser&Cie and TAG Heuer to MB&F and Rolex, and of course Richard Mille. As we all know, Richard Miller is very important in Dubai, and there are many shows during the Dubai observation week (including on the wrist of a lady next to me in the Bovet engraving class). But for me, the coolest Richard Miller is the man on the wrist of Richard Miller's daughter Amanda Millerbe.wholesale Hublot Big Bang Ferrari replica watches

We are very happy to meet the elegant Mrs. Mille Bey many times throughout the week. A few years ago she moved to Dubai to help clients in the Middle East, especially female clients. After meeting her at the boutique, she showed us a range of products, from the crazy RM19-01 tourbillon (retail price of $1.3 million) to RM67-01. But one thing I have never seen before is on her own wrist - a RM037 with an integrated bracelet. The bracelet is something you can't see on RM037, but you may have noticed it on RM07-01.

The version on Ms. Mille Bey's wrist is made of white gold and is one of the most impressive bracelets I have ever seen. It has a clear link, which initially needs some use, but the structure is very significant.

Our favorite 2018 sinful happy watch

Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

Everyone has a guilty happy watch. If you think you don't have one, then you are deceiving yourself (or just lying to others). Whether it's something outside your usual comfort zone, something louder than you want, or even something far beyond the budget, there is always a timer, you can't search on Instagram, or enter a retailer. Try it when you see it in the window. Here are the top sin choices our editors made their debut from 2018 - some of which may surprise BREITLING AVENGER HURRICANE 12H XB0170E4|BF29|257S|X20D.4 replica watch

Jon Bues - Jacob&Co. Twin Turbo Furious

Jacob&Co. Twin Turbo Furious is probably the craziest watch I have ever seen in my life. And I have to admit that wearing it for a while would be a guilty pleasure. Made of black carbon fiber and DLC titanium, it is a 57mm x 52mm dual three-axis tourbillon with a decimal repeater and chronograph. Of course, the focus of this watch is its two tourbillon mechanisms. The crumbling pulsations that alternate between them are reminiscent of a crazy, rhythmic, and even angry dance. The design is not for everyone, but there is no doubt that this is a very complicated mechanism.

James Stacey - TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford

A black, carbon fiber, third-party collaboration that pays tribute to one of the most famous and well-known racing watches of all time? It sounds like a guilty pleasure to me. Although at the conceptual level, any old-fashioned TAG Heuer fan will cringe when he mentions TAG Heuer Bamford, just like Jack, I dig it. The carbon fiber case of Bamford Monaco is light and impressive on the wrist, bringing a welcome strangeness to Monaco's genealogy. The shape of the case and its 39 mm dimensions remain the same, Bamford balances the main form of black, and uses light blue for markers and pointers. Despite the bold use of color, the carbon fiber case is both recognizable and sporty, while the Bamford-spec retains Monaco's 9 o'clock feature. It moves, in particular, completely different from any other Monaco, while retaining most of its original form. I will wear it completely.CHEAP SWISS AAA replica watches


Stephen Pulvirent - Hublot Sapphire Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days

Sometimes breaking conventional mold is healthy. For me, it's usually a small, time-only watch that doesn't tend to be overly concerned (except, of course, those who know). But this guy? There is no way to make it unnoticed. And, just like everyone else. There are some opposites to making a tourbillon like this. Hublot's performance is excellent, finishing and architecture have passed. Big Bang Tourbillon power reserve 5 days sapphire may not suit me, but I can't help but like it.


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