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replica Hublot BIG BANG BRODERIE skull 343.VX.6580.NR.BSK16 watch



HYT is a brand that likes to be different. If you are not familiar with this flourishing action, their brand information can be summarized in two simple words: watchmaking and fluids. In all HYT's innovative timepieces, time is displayed in color liquids, surrounded by custom capillary tubes (or across the dial). This is a novel concept, avant-garde styling of the brand team - combining strong opinions and great debates about the pros and cons of their merchandise. The HYT gross chart (which appears for the first time) not only requires the liquid-filled capillaries to bend to achieve their wishes, but it is very large, thus eliminating the possibility of a suitable minute hand. After spending a few days on my wrist with HYT skull Maori, I have time to develop a few points of view on this; and I am sure this will also inspire a series of feelings that are clearer to everyone.

Whenever I had the honour to wear a HYT watch, I would have a word in my head: work hard. Wall brands from Neuchâtel are always looking for new and exciting things. Sometimes they do this with revolutionary technology. Sometimes they do this with bold designs. Sometimes they do this by establishing dynamic partnerships with desired institutions. But no matter what they do, they will do it with joy and absolute certainty, that is, some people will like their new products. Wearing a HYT Maori watch is more of a concern than usual. For beginners, at 51mm, it is very large (good, great) so it cannot be ignored. But this watch looks bigger than any other watch that uses the established HYT H1 case, because it uses a rose gold and hand-carved huge skull, FRANCK MULLER replica watches

So let me define what my "attention" means. People took note of this watch from twenty steps and hurriedly wanted to see what happened to this dazzling wrist giant. Their response is straightforward but varied. Before they even began to appreciate the mechanical majesty of their work, most people were excited about the appearance of the watch. But few people don't get it. do you know? I bet HYT will not want any other way.

They must know that when they decide to give up the minute hand, they will criticize. Before recalling my thoughts on Mao’s interests, I would say that many people who have talked to me about watches have listed this omission as their top complaint. Some people may ask if it does not clearly indicate time. This is a fair enough derogation, but it is a bit missed. If you have the ability to purchase this brand culture, then you may wear this dress when you do not need to know when it is. For mortals who cannot possibly own HYT, the artistic value of the watch can be praised and known for its technical achievements.

Starting with the technical aspects, because this is the most famous reason for HYT, let us first look at the liquid-filled capillaries: this watch has the same challenges as all the watches in the HYT Skull series (shown and discussed here for the first time) because it Maintain a consistent flow of fluid when bending in a glass tube it calls home. The HYT's standard volume indicators seen on the H1, H2, and H4 models are impressive enough, but when you compare them to the technical challenges of the Skull Watch, they are almost the same. This is another blatant offensive against an unknown event. It is incredibly satisfying to RICHARD MILLE RM 27-01 RAFAEL NADAL replica watch

It is very difficult to limit yourself from playing the "time setting" function. The screw-in rubber crown is wound in a neutral position and pulled out once to set the hour. As the crown rotates, it momentarily lags, and the red liquid of the HYT® Maori watch wriggles around the dial's focus until it reaches the end of its stroke and returns to the step. Technically speaking, this is a retrograde hour indicator, but it is the most lazy I have ever seen. Unless you do this within an hour, it is difficult to set the exact time, but as I mentioned, this watch is more about the integration of craftsmanship, not about time. You will never see HYT's Olympic timing, but you may see it sway from the wrist of a gold medalist who relaxes in a hot tub (this is theoretically permissible because of the waterproof depth of this watch). Up to 50 meters, watch in the world, translated into a light shower or swimming).

So after wearing it, I haven't learned anything about the HYT Skull Maori watch from the press release? As mentioned above, it is large, but like all other HYT watches in these proportions, I find it very comfortable, thanks to its lightness and strap comfort. The strap is rubber-supported, and the leather mosaic features a recessed Maori tribal motif. This is actually a bit more comfortable than the canvas I used to use on the HYT watch, as I used to think. I had a relatively small wrist that was six inches and a half inches, but it was amazing to be able to wear this strap on the second hole. See how it sits on the woman's wrist. I tied it to my colleague and took a picture. As you can see, it looks lighter than my wrist, but it may be due to the charm of this work.

The carving on the skull itself was not as complex as I expected, but it was very sharp. In the news presentation, the entire skull seems to be the color of rose gold, but in the metal, the bottom layer is actually silver-plated. This provides a clearer contrast and has the effect of "thinning" the dial decoration. The polished embossed surface is highly reflective and can capture every stray beam. One of the benefits is that the light refracts the capillary and illuminates the red HYT SKULL GREEN EYE 151-TD-41-GF-AB replica watch

A relatively minor criticism of this watch is the accuracy of the "Maori" design. I have heard many chatter around this element and think it worth improving. In my opinion, these designs are reminiscent of Art Nouveau scrolls, not the tribal culture of Maori culture, but there are many diversity and changes in any culture. It is therefore incorrect to claim that it is impossible to find true Māori inspiration for this watch. It may be inspired by a very small percentage of Maori's work and may be incorrectly named, but I think it is justified. It may be a good opportunity for the brand to cooperate with real Maori artisans, but the results are still beautiful.

I did some explorations of digging out the history of Māori design and found only some patterns that looked like skull signs. However, I didn’t spend much time on culture or culture. I believe that there is some evidence for this style because of the gross profit. Human inspiration can be channelled under duress. As they say, the lack of evidence does not justify the absence, so maybe I did not look for it in the right place.

From the first visit, the first thing that impressed me was the rosy color on the back of the monitor - something I hadn't seen before. I appreciate HYT's efforts in color consistency, but I may prefer clear crystals. Some people may find that the mobile architecture is a bit hampered, but I like the relative simplicity of it - although there are all these cuts and curves, it does increase the visual complexity of the overall layout... the most important The question is, how can one get boring cooling and a unique bellows pumped through capillaries?

The strange side effect of the rose back cover is the effect on the bellows when viewed from the front. Because you can actually look directly at the entire watch, through the gap between the bellows, you can see the underside of the rose anti-reflection coating, which looks green from the

When I first noticed the nuclear between the "teeth" of the skull, I wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but I think this strange optical illusion is caused by an anti-reflective coating, just like The front crystal can sometimes appear blue from some angles. The blue hue on the front sapphire has fallen out of favor in recent years (they are usually the result of inferior AR processes, not completely clear or "white" crystals), but I have a good opinion of them. However, in this case, I'm not sure I like the green red result. This is very festive, but I think good old-fashioned blue might make this palette a bit better. Regardless of my opinion, it does add a cool element to the overall appearance of the dial.

If you dare to dig into the eyes of the Maori skull, you'll find that the left one hosts a running second disc and the left one is a power reserve indicator. Both discs are printed in black and white gradients. Power reserve discs move very slowly and appear to be stationary, but of course, discs that change over time always move significantly. I like the visual interest of sports - even if it is still very subtle - - otherwise it would be a very inactive dial. The centerpiece of this dial is still a hand-carved skull - there is no surprise here. This is significant for the brand because it is the first time that HYT has adopted the old world technology, in which case the shape of the watch is carved by hand. This is a fascinating fusion. The success or failure of this piece is: The skull itself is a very bold action, which is shown in a matching way, and the finer carving details make you want to look more closely... ... It was only confused by the blood capillaries and the blood red liquid that was contained.

I am a big fan of this watch's color scheme. The original HYT skull watch looks a bit like the tribute show of the triathlete. This piece came out and showed a medieval level of display, which may be in the court of King Henry VIII. Glittering gold, luxurious red, warm brown... This is a very lush thing, intentionally polarized in its design. Only 25 items are available, it does not need to attract a large consumer market, but it will certainly be subject to extensive censorship. In my opinion, this is a good addition to the HYT Skull watch, but I prefer the more traditional (read: high-tech) layout Zenith Pilot Montre d-Aeronef Type 20 replica watches