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World of Warcraft Blueprint
Created: 6 year(s) ago

ATTENTION: World of Warcraft Fans only…

FACT: 97.3% of World Of Warcraft Players Are Clueless, Running Around Broke And Wasting Too Much Time Figuring Out The Game.

But if you can keep a secret, then by the time you finish reading this letter you can become the 2.7% of gamers who can play under any given situations, generate gold on demand, and win some of the fiercest battles in WoW.

From: Amy Anderson
Date: June 18, 2012

Dear World Of Warcraft Fan,

I have a bet - and it involves just how tired a lot of WoW players are right now with the way the game treats them. Are you sick and tired of…

Running around poor and wishing for gold all the time?

Getting killed again and again by players who camp at your corpse?

Slowly leveling your character even after playing nonstop like a mindless zombie?

Spending too much time at the Auction House with very little gold to show for it?

Not being accepted into groups because you don’t have enough gear or achievements?

Nasty, rude, and demanding players who brag and talk trash about you on the trade channels?

Getting ganked by other players who continuously camp your corpse?

Dying in every duel, battle, and PvP challenge out there?

If this sounds like you, then you need to take 3 minutes and 27 seconds to read this page very carefully because the information here will shock you.

In just three weeks, I used a fresh WoW account to make 143,789 gold, level my character to Level 80, and chalk up a healthy arena rating of 1,997 on the leader board.

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