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Football Businesses can now increase businesses using various biz solutions. is the newest soccer social network on the internet, providing a connection to American Soccer. offers several valuable business solutions to help businesses connect with players, coaches, leagues, teams, and media.

Soccer Exclusive Business Directory: Add your business to our soccer specific business directory. Increase exposure, make yourself available to a soccer centric community, and increase business. For a Limited time enjoy 50% off our regular pricing!

Create Your Own Soccer Shop: Enjoy our flat pricing structure, which means you not only get your products in front of the right potential customers, but your costs stay constant, no matter how much you sell!

Post A Job- Advertise a position in our new Job Board. Find enthusiastic, knowledgeable employees, while gaining exposure for your business.

Advertise: Join for free, and create your own Advertising Campaigns to market something on our site, or something from anywhere else.

SMS advertising: Join Free, Create your profile and invite your customers, and find new clients, then easily use our integrated SMS messing system to send marketing messages to your followers that opt in.

Join us free today, and take advantage of the many business marketing opportunities.

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The American Soccer Network includes a soccer jobs board, meant to become the number one source for soccer minded career individuals to search and find jobs on the Internet.  The Soccer job board will cater to professions on and off the field. Job seekers can look for jobs in coaching or sports marketing.


Employers can easily add thier available positions and instantly have access to a knowledable and soccer centric community of potential employees. The Job board all contains a free RSS feed for webmasters looking to add content to thier sites. The Job Board RSS will automatically add new jobs to sites for free, giving blogs and sites access to new soccer jobs without lifting a finger.


The American Soccer Network Job Board RSS Feed:


Visit the Job Board here:

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New Free Soccer Widget.  For those who don't want to add the actual 3D wall to your site, you can add a widget.


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U.S Soccer Project is raising revenue for the many soccer initiatives it has planned to help create new opportunities within the sport. One of the fundraising initiatives allows members to donate unwanted cell phones and other electrical gadgets to be recycled through its relationship with Gazelle. Donate your old phone or gadget HERE, and help fund U.S. Soccer Project. Even Postage is covered!


Just as exciting, U.S. Soccer Project will extend this fundraising opportunity to any Team, Club, League or Soccer Supporter Club looking to raise money without selling, holding inventory, or taking time away from other important tasks. Just Email us and we will set your team up with its own gadget drive, that will have you turn your players and parents old cellphones, electronics, and dvds into easy cash for your cause. Once your page is set up, just have your members go and fill out thier unwanted gadgets info, and they will recieve postage to send it in. Once it is recieved , Gazelle will deposit the funds and we will cut you a check, the revenue split is 60/40 in your teams favor. 


COACHES Email us now and start a great new 30 day fundraiser, that doesn't cost anyone anything!

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Elite Design Corporation believes the American soccer community is among the most passionate in the world. U.S. Soccer Project is a multifaceted initiative to unite the soccer public and raise American soccer to the next level. Signing this petition, is the first of many steps that will make a clear statement that American soccer has arrived and great things are to come.

Join US and Sign the Petition.


Thank you for helping us show the world we are serious about bringing a World Cup back to the United States!


Frank Bagnato

President Elite Design Corporation